Bitcoin Betting on Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is one of the most popular team-sports in Northern America and probably in most countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The fast paced sport is known for its physical demand and accuracy when it comes to shooting the puck across the rink and through a goal with a goaltender defending it. The game is played with two teams with six players per side. Each player including the goaltender has a hockey stick which serves as their apparatus to shoot, pass and maneuver the puck.

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The NHL or National Hockey League is one of the professional Ice Hockey Leagues in the world today. This is based in the United States and is considered the Premier League of the world. The league is composed of 31 teams, 24 from the United States and 7 from Canada. They all fight for the legendary Stanley Cup, a trophy with all the names of the victor forever etched into the trophy itself. Due to the game’s popularity, there are countless numbers of leagues which you are able to read about here.

Ice Hockey Betting

Let’s get into the specifics of betting Bitcoin on your next Ice Hockey game. Here are a few pointers that you might want to keep in mind for you to get an advantage on your next game.

  • Best – Always focus on the best teams and players out there today. Remember that Ice Hockey is a team sport that means that data is really important as you are unable to beat the best teams just like that. The game itself requires a level of skill, how much more to win a game? Focus on teams that have won chased awards like the Stanley Cup and you should be on the right path in winning.
  • Team composition – Make sure that you have the updated roster in your hands to make sure that your calculations and predictions are as accurate as they can be. The last thing you want would be to predict a game not knowing that your best player is out for the season. For NHL, you are able to get the latest news here.
  • Schedule – Predicting is something, but knowing when to bet and when to dedicate your time in researching is one thing. Make sure that you have the latest schedules. You can get NHL live updates here.
  • Leagues – As mentioned above, there are tons of leagues that Sportsbook websites would have for you to bet on. Below would be a list of websites where you can bet on the next Hockey game. Try to visit them and check the countries available for you to bet on. The more they have listed on a certain League, the more you need to put your attention to that league as the action is focused there. The last thing you want to do is waste a time on a league that is not even betted upon.

Ice hockey – the fastest team sport in the world

Sport came to Europe from North America. And currently all ice hockey fans are looking spellbound at Salt Lake City. Because there the best teams of the world meet and the tournament promises really exciting games.

The Canadian roots

The origin of this fast-paced sport lies in North America. In the 16th century, the French crossed the St. Lawrence River to Canada. There they met the Inian tribes of the Hurons and Iroquois. They played a ball game that the French learned. The ball was beaten with crooks. One played on only one goal without goalkeeper and also with snow and ice. But still without skates. This Indian ball game was soon mixed with the French hoquet, which was also played with stick and ball.

How ice hockey came on skates

In the middle of the 18th century the English came to Canada and also they brought a ball game with them, the Hurling. In 1856 English soldiers learned to skate in Halifax on the frozen ice in the harbour basin. After a few weeks it was too boring for them to skate arcs and eights all the time. So they had the idea to play on the ice on skates with racket and ball and ice hockey was born.

The first game

The first official ice hockey game in history took place in Montreal on 3 March 1875. At that time, the game was played with a wooden disc, which was soon replaced by a puck, a hard rubber disc. Within just one year, Montreal had five teams. The world’s first ice hockey club was founded at McGill University in Montreal. The ice hockey club as we know it today has been around since 1880.

The Stanley Cup

The oldest and one of the most important trophies in the world of professional sport is the Stanley Cup. Since the 1893/94 season, the cup has been played every year. Donated by Lord Stanley, the then British Governor General of Canada, it should be awarded every year to the best Canadian ice hockey team. At that time the goals only consisted of two posts without net (that came only in 1900) and the ice surfaces had no bands. So it could happen that the players in full swing in the spectators landed well for the players, if it were not the opposing fans.

In 1917 the NHL, the National Hockey League, was founded in Montreal. Since then, it has been the dream of every hockey player to play successfully in this professional North American league.

How to play

In ice hockey, 6 players from each team face each other. On the ice are a goalkeeper, 2 defenders and 3 strikers. In ice hockey there are flying changes and each team may compete with a maximum of 18 substitutes. The substitutes are sitting on the substitution bench with their coach.

Ice hockey is a very physical game. In the fight for the puck it is allowed to hinder the opponent or to check him fair for example. This means that it may be pressed against the board. So that the players do not injure themselves, they wear very special protective equipment and helmets.

The playing field is divided into 3 zones: the defense zone, the neutral zone and the attack zone (always seen from your own goal). The goal is to score as many goals as possible. Since there are many possibilities for fouls (hacking, high stick, stick strike, unsportsmanlike behaviour, etc.) there is also a rather extensive punishment catalogue with staggered time penalties.

The playing time is also divided into thirds. Each third lasts 20 minutes. Each time the game is interrupted, such as a bully, goal or a penalty for foul, time is stopped. Ice hockey is a very fast and hard sport. The attraction for many lies in the fact that it places very high technical and tactical demands on the players.