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Floorball is a sport that is easy to learn, fast and varied. It is a mixture of indoor hockey and ice hockey. Until a few years ago it was called “floorball” in the German-speaking world, internationally and meanwhile also in Germany the term “floorball” is common.


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In Germany, floorball is currently played in three different variations. In all variants, however, the following is common:

  • The game is easy to learn and demands stamina, dexterity and the ability to move quickly from one player to the next.
  • It is played exclusively in the hall with a circulating band.
  • It is played with light plastic clubs.
  • The ball is hollow, light and also made of plastic and has many holes.
  • There will be two equal referees per game.
  • The goals stand approx. 3m in front of the shorter band, i.e. the back goal area is also playing surface.
  • In front of the goal there is a shelter which must not be entered.


The beginner variant in this sport, which can be played in almost any hall with minimal equipment, especially by schools, clubs, company sports groups. In this variant, numerous tournaments are currently being held in Germany.

  • The team consists of 4 players each.
  • It is played without a goalkeeper on small goals, so that each player is responsible in principle for all tasks.
  • The playing field has the dimensions of 28m x 16m.
  • The shelter measures 1.90m x 0.90cm (may not be entered).
  • The gate has the dimensions: Width 0.90m, height 0.60m and depth 0.50m.
  • The nominal playing time is 2x 15 min with 5 min break in between.

Floorball small pitch

A floorball variant for which there is already a Bundesliga game operation of the German Floorball Association.

  • It is played in pure men’s or women’s teams with 3 field players and 1 goalkeeper.
  • It is played with goalkeeper on large goals. The goalkeeper himself has no bat; only face protection/mask as well as goalkeeper clothes with body protection.
  • There is a goal room, a room with special privileges for the goalkeeper, which measures 4.50m x 3.00m.
  • The pitch measures 28m x 16m.
  • The shelter measures 2.50m x 1.00m (may not be entered).
  • The gate has the dimensions: Width 1,60m, height 1,15m and depth 0,65m.
  • The nominal playing time is 3x 20 min with a 10 min break in between.

Floorball large field

The king’s version of the sport with Bundesliga matches and cup series in Germany, European Cups for club teams and World Championships for the U19 female and male as well as for women and men.

  • It is played in women’s and men’s teams with 5 field players and 1 goalkeeper each.
  • It is played with goalkeeper on large goals. The goalkeeper himself does not have a bat, he only has face protection/mask as well as goalkeeper clothes with body protection.
  • There is a goal area, a room with special privileges for the goalkeeper, who measures 5.00m x 4.00m.
  • The pitch measures 40m x 20m.
  • The shelter measures 2.50m x 1.00m and may not be entered.
  • The gate has the dimensions: Width 1,60m, height 1,15m and depth 0,65m.
  • The nominal playing time here is 3x 20 minutes with a 10-minute break in between.

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These are short summary explanations from the existing rules, which otherwise strictly follow the international rules of the “International Floorball Federation” (IFF). The current rules are available for download in the sidebar.

Trend Floorball Fastest team sport growing fastest

Well, boys, we wanted it that way”, Jan Kratochvil begins his training speech. “The Red Devils are not an over team. They are predictable”, the coach of the Floorball Bundesliga team BAT Berlin swears his team to the next cup match.

With the help of a white tactic board, he shows the players how to outwit the opponent from Wernigerode. About 20 young men stand in front of him, listen, ask questions in between, jump from one leg to the other, as if they couldn’t wait to try it out. A few minutes later, the ball fidgets for a quick combination and a tight shot in the goal. “That’s how it can go,” the player coach is pleased and sends the next formation onto the field.

In floorball, five field players use a carbon racket to chase after a 23-centimetre small, perforated plastic ball in order to accommodate it in an ice hockey-format goal. The fast-paced game, which mainly adopted ice hockey elements, became known under the name Uni-Hockey and is one of the fastest and fastest growing team sports in the world.

Around 10,000 players

There are around 10,000 licensed floorball players in Germany. In Berlin, students of the FU Berlin founded the 1st Floorball Club in 1994 and shortly afterwards joined the SG BA Tempelhof-Schöneberg, or BAT for short. This weekend, the team from Kratochvil wants to create something historic: “We want to become the German cup winner,” he says.

His team is one of the four clubs that will play the coveted trophy in the Sömmeringhalle on Saturday and Sunday. There has never been such an important tournament in this young sport in Berlin before.

The reason: Floorball music is played in other federal states, especially in the east, where there are most top clubs. First opponent for the citizens of Berlin is on Saturday in the sports hall in Charlottenburg (17 o’clock) the current national league third Wernigerode.

From the paper form a clear affair for the Harzer, because Berlin stands at present only on the ninth place. But: We beat Wernigerode in the Hinrunde at home. That makes us courage , says Keeper Tom Nebe.

The fact that Berlin qualified for the final round this year is a special story. Last year BAT had an unexpectedly successful season. Although the team was strongly rejuvenated by the departure of several important players, it had made the leap in the Bundesliga to the semi-finals of the play-offs and was also in the cup final. The opponent at that time – 13 times champion Weißenfels – took a 4:0 lead in the first third. But then the Berliners turned up the heat, scored the 4:4, the 5:5 and were suddenly in overtime – the cup sensation before their eyes. “But then we lost by an own goal unfortunate with 5:6,” says Kratochvil.

Will the spectator record fall?

They would have liked to put the time back again. Everything at the beginning to make it better then. But how? A little trick helped: They applied for the Final Four this year. Because the host is automatically qualified for the final round. The first hurdle has been cleared. “Now beat Wernigerode – and in the final everything is possible,” says Kratochvil.

But the final round of the cup was almost over. “We couldn’t find a suitable hall that could hold at least 2,000 spectators,” explains Kratochvil. They had been searching for six months and had caught several cancellations at once. “That was frustrating,” the coach remembers. But in the end they were accepted for the sports hall in Sömmeringstraße.

The Floorball Association and the participating clubs are no less happy that the tournament in Berlin is now working out. A floorball festival in the capital “that will push our sport”, Keeper Nebe believes. With 14 clubs and around 800 players, the Berlin and Brandenburg region has established itself as one of the floorball centres in recent years, says Jan Hoffmann, President of the German Floorball Association: “Now is the time for us to put the sport in Berlin on the big stage.

In addition to the cup games, the organisers have put together a colourful supporting programme. For example, a floorball match between ice hockey players and floorball players, a night tournament for hobby players, a talent trophy and workshops led by national players are planned. On Sunday then the finals, with the gentlemen “best with Berlin participation”, hopes Kratochvil. Especially then another dream should come true: “We hope to reach the magic number of 2,000 spectators at the finals”. That would be a German floorball record.”