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The Olympic Games has and always be a measure of one’s capability to compete in a truly international scene. In the Olympic Games, all countries in the world send their best athletes to compete in this prestigious event that takes place every four years. The Summer and Winter Games alternate every four years but play every two years. There are all sorts of games included in the Olympics, singles, doubles, and of course team sports. But not all of the games played in the Olympics would through the Sportsbooks; only the famous games make it through the betting scene. So what are the games that would be available for betting?

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Bitcoin betting in the Olympics

Due to the number of games that are involved in the Olympics, it would be wise to know which ones are available to bet upon. The last thing you would want is to study data on a sport that wouldn’t even be offered to bet on. Here are the games that are likely to be included in Sportsbook websites.

  • Boxing – Has and always will be an Olympic sport due to its nature. The only difference is that compared to any other sports, in boxing, no professional boxer is allowed to compete. This is due to their level of expertise and the damage they might do to their amateur competition. Look into boxers that compete in an Olympic level to get an idea on which players to look into.
  • Ice Hockey – Ice Hockey is a very active and physical sport which has also been included in the Olympics since the 1920’s. It is no surprise that this sport will and always be included in Sportsbooks around.
  • Basketball – The NBA has been producing top notch teams every four years to compete in the Olympics. It is actually unfair to some of the countries as they only have a handful of NBA players that go up against Team USA that is a force to be reckoned with in the Olympics.

Olympic Bitcoin Betting

When it comes to Olympics, the games are not played every year as it is played every four years. This makes it harder for people to get on the games presented and played during these long gaps. Anything can happen within the span of four years and most of the time, teams would likely change roster by then.

Some of the teams that are competing in the Olympics would use the same players to avoid retraining problems and not to mention, experience. On our end, as Bitcoin bettors, it is really hard to predict the outcome of the next Olympic sport as we wouldn’t have much data compared to a normal series. Stakes might just be the same, but again, nature makes it really hard.

The only way to battle Olympic problems is to research the right points. Like which country has succeeded in different sports as this is likely to be your best start. Countries like the United States have a very long track record of bringing home Gold Olympic medals making it easier for you to box the win out.

As of now, the only website that accepts Olympic bets would be the veteran in Sportsbook betting,

Good luck on your bets!

Olympic Games History

The Olympic Games are said to be 4,000 years old, making them the oldest and probably most important sports festival in the world. Its origins go back to ancient Greece. Until today the games have changed a lot. If the ancient Olympic Games were held to “delight the gods”, today they are supposed to serve international understanding. But also the competition between the nations plays a big role – and not to forget that the big sports events are used for economic and political interests.

The ancient games were held in Greece – on the sacred grove of Olympia, located on the Peloponnese peninsula. According to Greek myths, Heracles, son of the highest god Zeus and the earthly Alkmene, or Pelops, son of the Phrygian king Tantalos, are the founders of the Olympic Games.

The exact reason for this is not completely clear. Some researchers suspect that the ancient games were based on celebrations for Rhea, the mother of the god Zeus. In any case, the games – like many other events – took place to honor one or more of the Greek gods. The ancient Greeks played a lot of such games. However, the Olympians were the oldest, best-known and most important of them all.

The disciplines of the ancient sports festival

Boxing also became a discipline of the ancient Olympic Games. All heavy athletes and track and field athletes competed naked.  Boxing also became a discipline of the Olympic Games from antiquity. All heavy athletes and track and field athletes competed naked.

For a long time there was only one discipline – the stadium run. This went over the length of the stadium, which was exactly 192.27 meters. The winner of the race was allowed to light the fire in front of the Zeus temple and received an olive wreath. This was considered a special honour and he was celebrated as an idol. At this time the whole event lasted just one day. Only later, after more and more sports had been added, the games went on for a longer time.

The important pentathlon, which was held since 708 B.C. at the Olympic Games, included the disciplines discus throwing, long jump, javelin throwing, stadium running and wrestling. Riding, horse racing, boxing and other sports were also part of the Olympic Games. Finally they were extended to five days. In the “gymnic competitions” (“gymnos” means “naked”) the athletes competed without any clothes at all. They included all sports of light and heavy athletics.

The Olympic Games as a political forum

Not only the worship of the gods and the competition were in the foreground. The time of the competition was also used as a political and economic forum. Representatives from all over the country came together and it was an ideal platform to experience and spread news. The spectacle around the sporting events with the many theatres and musicians resembled a cultural folk festival.

Only unmarried, free men, who were not to blame for anything, were admitted to the competitions. The women had their own competitions between the Olympic Games, which were called Heräen. Olympic competitions always started after the first full moon after the summer solstice. The festival began with a great sacrificial ceremony. In ancient times only the best athlete was celebrated. There was no honor for the second or third place. The winners of the games were not only honoured, they were also privileged – they received, for example, benefits such as tax exemptions, gifts, rights of honour or monetary bonuses.

The Roman emperor had the games banned

Around 750 B.C. the games were reorganized. It was determined that shortly before and shortly after the Olympic Games a “holy ceasefire” had to be observed. This should guarantee the visitors and athletes a safe arrival and departure. Already at that time there was a four-year break between the games. These were called Olympiad – today this term is often mistakenly not used for the break, but for the games themselves.

Approximately 400 years after the birth of Christ, the games were banned by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I. He himself was a Christian and regarded the games as a “pagan ritual” and worship of pagan gods. Pagans were called peoples who did not belong to a religion that believed in a single god. His grandson had all the temples of Olympia destroyed 30 years later and the games were forgotten. It was not until 1896 that the Modern Olympic Games were held again for the first time. They were supposed to serve international understanding – and as a cross-national comparison between the athletes.

Pierre de Coubertin revived the Olympics in modern times

To this day, the Olympic Games are a popular and well-known sporting event. It is divided into two types of games, the Winter Games and the Summer Games. The Winter Olympics were not introduced until 1924. Initially they were held in the same year as the Summer Games. Only since 1994 have they been held in two-year alternation with the Summer Games.

The Olympic flag was created in 1913 by the Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin, who also initiated the reintroduction of the Olympic Games. The five rings on it represent the five continents, whereby no colour stands for a certain continent. The connection between the continents, peoples and people is to be expressed in it, therefore the rings are intertwined. On the choice of colours, the Creator himself once said: “…their colours correspond to those of all the national flags of today’s world”. The flag was first used at the games in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1920.

Olympia 1936 as propaganda machine of the Nazis

The ignition of the Olympic fire in combination with the grand opening ceremony was carried out in 1936 for the first time in a magnificent style as we know it today: at the Summer Games in Berlin, which were used by the Nazis as a huge propaganda drum.

Adolf Hitler wanted the games to demonstrate the alleged “superiority of the Aryan race” – so it seems all the more ironic that the ten black athletes of the US team went down in history as “heroes of the Nazi games”.

The Olympic torch relay was also staged for the first time at the 1936 Games. Since then, there has always been a torch relay in the run-up to the Olympic Games. It starts in Greece, the birthplace of the Games. The torch is lit there and is supposed to reach – without extinguishing – the venue of the games.

The Olympic Games of today

In addition to the Summer and Winter Olympics, there is another event today: the Paralympics. These will be held shortly after the Olympic Games. Only disabled athletes are allowed to participate and measure their strength. The first Paralympics took place in Rome in 1960 after the Summer Games, the first Winter Paralympics in Sweden in 1976.

There are repeated criticisms that the aspect of international understanding has moved into the background and that political and economic interests play a major role alongside ambitious national competitions. Nowadays, the Olympic Games are associated with billions in business. In addition, trafficking and the use of illicit and dangerous doping substances are widespread, overshadowing sporting events. It is often known that athletes have taken banned substances to improve their performance, and some celebrated athletes have had their medals revoked.

At today’s summer games, the athletes will demonstrate their skills in 28 different sports. The various sports are subdivided into individual competitions, and the Modern Olympic Games now last just over two weeks.