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Aussie Rules or simply Australian Football is a type of football that is not to be confused with American Football or Rugby, although it is quite similar to Rugby. Of course, this football is also related to these sports and is also played with an elliptical ball. Professionally, Australia football is only played in Australia and is therefore one of the few sports that exist in only one country or continent. Especially in Europe and North America there are a few teams and clubs that play this sport. However, these are in the leisure sector and not in the professional sector.

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The beginnings of Australian football date back to 1858 in Melbourne, when Thomas Wills first thought about the sport and came up with its main features. This sport was mainly promoted to help original cricketers get fit through the winter. The first rules were never written down, so it can be assumed that even in the early days the original rules were no longer followed and the game has changed significantly to this day. It is also suspected that Wills was inspired by the ball games of the natives, but this is not proven. The first club founded for this sport was the Melbourne Football Club, founded in 1858.

Explanation of the rules Aussie Rules

Sports Rules It is easy to see from the shape of the playing field that Aussie Rules has only a few things in common with other types of football. The playing field is oval and not a rectangle or something like that. At each end of the field there are four goalposts through which goals are scored and points have to be scored. The field itself is 135 to 185 metres long and 110 to 155 metres wide. In the middle of the playing field there is a 50 x 50 meter center square. The referee bounces the ball onto the ground and the players (“jerks”) in the center square try to catch the ball in the air and play it towards their teammates. The length of the game is not uniform, but four quarters are always played. A siren sounds at the beginning and end of the game. In the AFL (Australian Football League) 4 times 20 minutes net are played. The average playing time including injury time is usually around 30 minutes per quarter.

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Due to the size of the field, the speed of the game and, last but not least, the strong emphasis on the body of the player, numerous referees are in action (3 main referees, 2 goal judges and 4 line referees). They also watch over how the ball is played. Throwing the ball is absolutely forbidden. The ball can be struck with a hand pass (fist) or with an open hand (tap) or with a foot shot.

18 players per team are allowed on the field. Up to four substitutes are available on the bench. It is possible to change players on the fly. There is no goalkeeper in Aussie Rules.

If a player catches a ball that has been shot at least 15 meters, this is called a “token” and the player gets a free kick. A player may run a maximum of 15 metres with the ball and must then bounce the ball once at the latest. This player may be attacked – bump or tackle is allowed. However, the tackle may only be made between knee and shoulder. Anything else will result in penalties. These penalties are always free kicks – there are no other penalties. However, a report is made for each game and so it can also happen that very long blocks – up to lifelong blocks – are pronounced for severe fouls.

In addition to the goalposts, there are also side poles. If you shoot the ball through the middle two poles, this counts as a perfect goal and gives six points accordingly. If one hits through the two side rods, this is a “behind” and counts one point.

Bet Types at Aussie Rules

Sports Betting possibilities The betting possibilities are quite good with many providers and have improved further in the last few years. Above all the increased reporting and also the transmission of live games have contributed to the fact that in Europe and also in other parts of the earth this kind of sport wins quite popularity. The Australian Football season runs from March to August. However, the range of offers of the individual providers is very different in some cases.

Winner: On the one hand you can of course bet on the winner of a game. This takes place within the framework of a 2-way bet and can be played at any sports betting provider. This is the most basic type of bet. Beside the winner of a game you can bet on the winner of a season.

Over/under: The second most popular bet type is the over/under bet type. These are simply bets on the total score of a game. The score of the whole game can be used as a basis. However, bets can also be placed on the scores of the respective teams, per quarter or depending on the provider, depending on the time of the game.

Handicap: Not only in other sports, but also in Aussie Rules, handicap bets are always worth considering. These could be worthwhile by good odds, if one is very sure on the basis before procured information that a team will furnish an achievement, which is either so strong that this wins despite Handicap the play accordingly highly or however the favourite by the Handicap will not win.

Events at a certain time In addition, bets can also be placed on the occurrence of events at certain times. For example, which team will score the first points or which team will play the first foul. There are many different variations – depending on what a provider has to offer. However, not every special offer has to be meaningful for the player.

Tips and tricks

Sports Tips & Tricks Only the tip can be given to deal with the sport and the teams in detail before any bet is placed, otherwise a bet simply makes no sense. One can speculate that a lower odds would suggest that an event or result will occur and bet accordingly, but this would simply be a lottery game. So before placing a bet, we recommend that you first deal with the players and teams. Since Australian football is limited to almost only one league worldwide, the whole thing is very clear at its core.

Important Aussie Rules Info & Highlights

Under this heading, the most important events, the most important players and teams as well as the historical records will be examined and briefly presented.

Significant events

The only competition of actual importance and professionalism in the world is the Australian League Championship (AFL). This championship is played in a final round by a knockout system and ends in a final match of the two best teams. They play out the championship title in the Australian Football Grand Final. In addition, there is a league cup, which is not the focus, but rather a consolation prize. The Brownlow Medal for the best and fairest player as well as the Coleman Medal for the “top scorer” are also awarded at the end of a season.

Since 2005, the Euro Cup has also taken place in Europe. However, this has almost no meaning, since the professionalism is not so high.

Important players and teams

Sports Player Teams There are some teams that are particularly successful in the AFL and have won almost the same number of titles. Nevertheless, three teams with 16 titles each, the Carlton Blues and Essendon Bombers and the Collingwood Magpies, stand out with 15 titles.

Well-known players in this sport are Patrick Mills, Aron Baynes and Matthew Dellavedova. These names are of course completely unknown in our ears. In Australia, however, they are celebrated stars like many football players in our country.


The number of spectators at the Grand Final in 1970, when an incredible 120,000 spectators wanted to watch this game, is a very impressive record. Such spectator numbers are not even conceivable in the European football temples due to the stadium sizes. This also shows the popularity of this sport in Australia. In addition, most titles have already set new records.

The best betting providers for Aussie Rules

Although this is more of a regional sport, almost every sports betting provider has corresponding bets on this sport – even if they are only in the portfolio for the one league in question. The best providers are: