Bitcoin Betting on Cross Country

If you say “Cross Country” this means that the sport or race is usually an endurance race depending on what sport we are talking about. We have Cross Country Running, Cross Country Cycling, Cross Country Skiing and Cross Country motor-sports that involves off road vehicles and motorcycles made for long endurance runs. All of these sports are exciting since you will be pushing the limits or the athlete and equipment to all-new-records. Since it would be crazy to mention everything in detail, we will be talking about these events that usually end up being posted in available Sportsbook websites that you can bet on today.


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Cross Country Running – Cross country running is considered a sport by many serious athletes and has been a training ground for future triathlon players. The course is, of course, open air and the participating players run over natural terrain, grass and sometimes sand. It is a test of their stamina and endurance. Distances may vary for different events that are being held all over the world. You can read more about this amazing sport here.

It is a variant of running in which the emphasis is on the fast crossing of profiled terrain off the beaten track. Cross-country running is more demanding than road running or running on the track in terms of coordination.

Cross-country running has been carried out in the winter months for some time after the end of the athletics season. For decades, cross-country was popular and welcome as preparation for the coming running season. The championships began in February at state level, increased until March at national level, the European Championships, and finally the World Championships. For some years now, however, the order has been reversed. In November, the classic month of recreation in athletics, international championships take place, while the German championships are usually held in April.

The course must be located in an open or wooded area, preferably covered with grass and with natural obstacles that should not endanger the runner (no deep ditches, steep ascents and descents or high walls). The runs usually take place on a circuit of 1750 m to 2000 m in length.

The cross-country race was (presumably) first held as a competitive sport in 1837 as a public school sport. On December 7, 1867, English championships were held for the first time on Wimbledon Common. Cross-country running was an Olympic discipline from 1912 to 1924 (Olympic champion among others 1920 and 1924 Paavo Nurmi) and as a sub-discipline of modern pentathlon it is still today. The oldest national cross-country championships on the continent took place in Belgium in 1896.

Cross-country championships

From 1903 on, the Le Cross des nations was held annually as world championships. The organizer was the Union internationale de cross-country (ICCU). Even though it became part of the IAAF in 1972, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have the right to compete with their own national teams, as in football.

In addition to the World Cross-Country Championships, there are national and continental championships such as the European Cross-Country Championships, which have been held since 1994.

The World Cross Country Championships currently require the following track lengths:

  • Men: approx. 12 kilometres
  • Women: approx. 8 kilometres
  • Juniors: approx. 8 km
  • Junior girls: approx. 6 km

German championships have been held for men since 1913, for women they were held for the first time in 1957. For men, there has been a long distance course with a length of about 10 kilometres and a medium distance of 3 to 4 kilometres since 1961. The women run about 6 kilometres. There has also been a team classification since the first German Championships. This made cross-country running the first athletic discipline in which there were team champions.

Stadium cross

For some years now there have been occasional competitions in the Stadioncross. As the name suggests, this is an event in a stadium. The race does not only take place on the running track, but it can also take place over the meadow in the middle area, through the long jump pit, grandstand steps or possible embankments up and down. Frequently other obstacles, such as bales of straw, are also laid out. The distance is usually between 600 and 2000 metres, which is considerably shorter than the classic cross-country run.

The advantage of stadium cross is that the necessary infrastructure such as changing rooms, showers or parking spaces are available in the immediate vicinity and there are no impairments to the natural surroundings. From the grandstands, spectators are also usually able to overlook the entire running course, which is usually not possible in traditional cross-country skiing.

School children’s cross-country skiing

Orienteering is a cross-country race in which a map shows the checkpoints to be crossed. The route is chosen by the athlete himself. A more demanding variant with obstacles is the extreme obstacle course. Cross-country running is also an undersport in tournament dog sport with distances of 2 km and 5 km respectively.

Cross Country Cycling – One of the most common x-country sports that would be found listed in Sportsbook websites today. This sport has been added to the Olympics since 1996 and is still being played until today. Just like cross country running, athletes would compete in grueling long courses with different elevation and circuit difficulties. There are different variations of the sport which you are able to read about here.

Cross Country Skiing – This sport is considered one of the most difficult cross country sports out there today due to the nature of the environment you would be treading at. With limited vision and treacherous circuits, being a champion in this category should mean something. The danger involved in this sport is what makes it exciting to bet on.

Cross Country Motor Sports – This category would have different variations of the sport. We would have 4×4 competitions, motorcycle cross country leagues and a lot more. Of all the cross country races out there today, I would rather watch this on the television or stream a match through the internet. The sound of the tires that they make while they speed across the country is just awesome to hear.

Betting on the next Cross Country Event

As of today, we only have one website that offers Cross Country betting for your Bitcoin. But don’t worry! offers the latest on-going events that you are able to bet on. Just remember a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Data – Make use of your data and use it to your advantage. There are a lot of things that you can dig from the internet that would help you on your next betting. Though the genre is quite huge, focus on one, start from there, and everything should follow.
  • Experience – Do you own a car? Or do you go skiing during the winter? Experience helps you gain a natural decision on what sport you want to focus at. If you’re good at skiing, then better look for the best skiers out their today and learn more about them.

Good luck on your next bet!