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Cricket is the most popular sport in India and Pakistan and aside from their territory wars and dispute; this is probably one of the things that they do not agree upon. Cricket was first played in the 15th century, southeast England and is still a huge sport in the UK until today. The game is a bat and ball game, just like Baseball, some people also claim that Baseball originated from Cricket but of course, Baseball fans would disagree to that. Each team is made out of eleven players per side on a cricket field. And each time will try and get to the “wickets” or sticks that are placed on each team’s side. The rules of the game are pretty complicated than just hitting the sticks on the opposite side of the field, so if you want to read more on the rules of the game, click on this link.

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The game of cricket has been played for a very long time now and the history and the countries involved in making it a part of their culture. Read more about the awesome history of cricket.

Pakistan’s National Cricket Sport

Cricket is more than just a sport in Pakistan, it is something like a second religion. Some even say that cricket can heal the wounds of war and bring India and Pakistan closer together. Because anyone who plays cricket does not take a gun in his hand during this time.

Cricket came to Asia with the British

Pakistanis and Indians have adopted cricket from the British colonial rulers as a kind of heritage. The game is the undisputed number one national sport in both countries, comparable to football in Europe.

In addition to England, Pakistan and India, seven other nations play first-class cricket: Australia, South Africa, the West Indies, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. All belong to the Commonwealth and are former colonies of Great Britain. Cricket is a marginal sport in Germany.

The history of sport goes back to the 16th century. Cricket originally comes from the south of England and is the first team sport of the British landed nobility. But even the common people are not excluded from cricket at that time: Farmers compete against the wealthy, and so it is possible for the people to defeat the nobility on the playing field – a modern idea in absolutist Europe.

Cricket is a game in which a lot of value is placed on fair play, there is no physical contact. It is not about strength or speed, but about patience and tactics. With cricket, the English people are symbolically elevated to fellow players.

For Pakistanis, cricket is a second religion

Can a sport like cricket mediate between two states? The enemy countries Pakistan and India both love the game. In the days of British India, when the countries were not yet separated, they played it together: side by side, Muslims and Hindus in the streets and parks of Calcutta, Lahore or Bombay. The sport reminds us that Pakistan and India had a common culture not so long ago.

But since their division in August 1947 there has been war between the two countries; the countries are fighting over the Kashmir region. Four wars, the competition for nuclear supremacy in South Asia and India’s fear of extremists have left their mark on both sides.

Whenever Pakistan and India meet in a game, the emotions boil over. But despite all the rivalry, their common favourite sport also unites the two nuclear powers. Cricket diplomacy has a long tradition between the neighbours: when one team travels to another country, the borders open for a short time, fans celebrate together and the heads of state talk to each other.

In 2004, the two countries agreed on a series of friendly matches in Pakistan – it was the first rapprochement in years. The fear of terrorist attacks against the Indian guests was great and so was the police presence. But all the games were peaceful, with some of the stadiums even showing flags of both nations sewn together. A year later, the Pakistani team travelled to India.

The duel: Throwing man vs. batsman

For the layman, cricket is a chaotic mess of screaming, running, throwing and hitting. It is played on a grass court with two teams and eleven players each. In cricket, everything revolves around the duel between the thrower and the batsman.

The thrower starts and aims the ball of cork and leather into the opponent’s goal. If he hits, the batsman of the other team is eliminated. He tries to prevent a goal and to hit the ball with his wide trowel in such a way that the team of the thrower doesn’t get it so fast on the field.

During this time the bat can score by running. However, if a player of the opposing team catches his hit ball directly from the air, he is outside. If you play cricket or watch cricket, you need a lot of patience, because a match can easily take seven hours.

Terrorist attacks let relations cool down

In November 2008, Pakistani terrorists killed 174 people in the Indian port city of Mumbai, and several people were injured. Delhi then broke off the peace talks with Islamabad. Initially it was planned that India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan would jointly host the 2011 Cricket World Cup. But when terrorists fired bazookas at the Sri Lankan cricket team’s bus in the Pakistani town of Lahore before the tournament, Pakistan’s right to host was revoked. The team barely escaped the attack.

Nevertheless, the cricket diplomacy of the two countries was revived at the 2011 World Cup. After the two teams met in the semi-finals, the politicians resumed the peace negotiations.

Pakistan have a mission with Cricket. The people there know that with sport they can do a little to repair their bad reputation in the world. Good news from Pakistan is rare, but the passion and enthusiasm for cricket in the country shows that Pakistan stands for more than terror, corruption and poverty.

Bitcoin Betting with Cricket

When it comes to betting your hard earned Bitcoin, it would be important to know and how to earn through betting. Gambling is different from betting, gambling is blind chance and betting involves critical thinking and of course, data to support your predictions. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind when you want to bet your Bitcoin for a game of Cricket.

  • Weather – Cricket is an outdoor game, weather takes a huge role when it comes to teams winning a Cricket match. Do you think the game will stop if there’s a huge rain? No, it wouldn’t, players still need to finish the match even heavy rains pour down the field.
  • Team – Cricket is a team sport, which means that you need to take into consideration the team stats that would play a significant role in winning a game. Depending on the region of the Cricket game you are betting on, you wouldn’t have a hard time getting statistical data from your favorite team through the internet. Always remember that information is an advantage that can be used and exploited, use it well.

Always put in mind that even if you do not play the game physically but you know how the game works and what the rules of the game are, you would not have a hard time winning bets by it. Honestly, a lot of people today win bets not because they are good with that game, but they are good in betting on that game. Be a great researcher and an excellent better you will become.

Websites that accept Bitcoin betting for Cricket games

Are you ready to put to the test the data that you have gathered to predict the outcome of a Cricket match? Let’s put that to the test. Here are the websites below that accept Bitcoin betting for your next big Cricket match.

Good luck on your bets!