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What do you guys know about Today, we will determine if they are just another mediocre gambling website or not. We will be looking into their available sporting events, casino games, features, and bonuses! In other words, turn their website in and out. We will try our best to answer all your questions in this review. If we haven’t covered a topic that you want us to, please feel free to post a comment on the comments section. Without further delay, let’s go!


Little know about this, but became a sinking boat in 2012 before BetOnline acquired their company. Fast forward today, they are one of the best performing gambling websites to date. What is their secret? How do they do it? To know more about them, it is best to get to know where they came from.

The website launched way back in 2003, well before cryptocurrencies and selfies. They are part of a very small group of gambling websites that has been operating for more than a decade in the industry. Gambling websites such as these should be given importance and of course, a proper review. With that being said, is the website registered? They are licensed and based in Panama and they accept US players. Now that is a plus! Again, not all websites accept US players openly.

They offer sports betting, horse racing, casino games and crazy bonuses! Below we will be talking about the betting experience you will be having with

Sports betting experience

If you would ask us to describe the website in one word, we would easily say that it is “Clean”. This is undoubtedly the reaction that you would get when you first visit the website. Everything is professionally designed and is not everywhere. The main tab selection of can be found on the homepage without any problems at all.

The design itself shouts out simplicity, which simply translates into better reaction times. What we meant with this is that if you choose a tab and click on it, this will redirect you to that page in an instant without any lags whatsoever.

What are the available sporting events they offer? It’s quite limited, to be honest. We were expecting more, but we got a really short list of available events. Some of the events listed are grayed out; this means that they currently do not have any betting lines available for that event. They have Aussie Rules, Auto Racing, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Golf, Martial Arts, Rugby, Snooker, and Handball.

Just like our previous reviews, there are websites that have featured sports that are popular with their customers. Below we will be talking about the featured sporting events of

  • Baseball – A betting event for decades which has become a magnet when it comes to wagering against the opponent’s team or betting on your favorite batter of all time. This sport is not only popular in real-world betting but it has always been a staple in any online gambling websites today. Some websites might even have more than just MLB with lines stretching out towards NPB and KBO. Sadly, here at, we only have MLB to bet on.
  • Basketball – Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, who would have thought about that injury of Gordon Hayward, would be an impact on the game itself? The game ended at 102-99 in favor of the Cavaliers. If you are at least a good gambler, you would be able to know which team on that event will win with hints like this. If you could just place a bet in the middle of a game! Good thing that Basketball is part of their “Live Sports Betting” which we will be discussing later on in this review.
  • America Football – The American all-time favorite sporting event should be included in a website that accepts US customers. But if you ask us, American Football is always part of the featured sports in most of the websites that we have reviewed in the past. This means that this sporting event is a staple in the gambling world. Here at, you are able to place bets on the next NFL, NCAA, and CFL games.
  • Hockey – Or Ice Hockey to be exact, is one of the most intense sporting events that we have witnessed. This sporting event is always a staple in all gambling websites today due to its unprecedented grit and controlled violence. The available betting lines here at are for sporting events like NHL, SM Liiga, KHL, and SHL.
  • Soccer – Or Football for the rest of the world, is also one big sporting event that online gambling websites have for you to place bets on. Here at, they have more than twenty countries listed and with their respective leagues. They also have huge international events like UEFA CL, EL, AFC and a lot more. You can see the full list of football betting lines
  • Tennis – A steady betting game that has been present in all of the gambling websites today. Tennis always makes its way to the “most betted sporting events” of all time. Here registered accounts are able to place bets on ATP, WTA, and Challenger lines.

eSports – One of the busiest betting genre in the world today would be eSports and we cannot blame the people wanting a part of this awesome new sporting event. The world knows the potential behind eSports teams and the money that is poured into it each year. If you do not know how much eSports players earn in a year, then you should read more about the genre and know why people are going crazy about it today. The available eSports events that you are able to place a bet on are as follows, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DotA2, and Warcraft 3.

Live Betting – Is literally what it means, you are able to bet on a live game! What is the advantage of betting in a live game? One of the most important parts of being able to bet on a live game is that you are able to place additional bets dynamically depending on how the game is going. Have you ever placed a bet on your favorite team and halfway in the game you know that they simply do not have a chance against their opponents? This is the perfect time to place a bet on the opposing team and try to save or even earn by betting on that game-changing moment. Available games here at that you are able to bet on live are MLB, NBA, NHL, and Primera Division.

Multi View – In multi view, you are able to add your favorite live games to bet on for up to 4 views at the same time. This is great for people that want to bet on multiple sporting events at the same time without compromising a minute to look away from either of their wagered games.

Mobile Betting – Convenience is the name of the game. is one of the websites that are at par with the current technological innovations and making it possible for people to bet whenever and wherever they want to with the help of their website’s capability to function in mobile devices. Though they still haven’t announced an App for, mobile betting is still available on their mobile version website. Casino is not just an online sports betting website, but they also function as an online casino. Not all gambling websites operate in such a manner since it is always either one of the two and we only have a handful of websites that operate like them (sportsbook & casino). Today we will be talking about what their casino has in store for us, what games do they have and what services do they offer.

  • Table Games – The available table games are standard in every online casino websites. Here we are able to play with Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker, and Baccarat.
  • Slots – What is a casino without the slot machines? Here you are able to play with around 28 slot machine The selection isn’t that much but you get enough.
  • Video Poker – The selection of video poker games include Five Draw Poker, Double Jackpot, Aces and Faces, Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and a lot more.
  • Casino Promotions – Bonuses of up to 100% on your next reload is just one of the promotions that they have here in To read more about the available promotions, terms & conditions, please click this link.

Live Casino – It is always nice to have pretty dealers to look at especially when you just want to relax and play casino table games. Funny, because we were expecting beautiful dealers but we were greeted with an animated dealer, no fun, no fun at all.

Betting Bonuses

Probably the most important part of a gambling website is their ability to give out their customers’ money back. Yes, we are talking about bonuses, why? Well for starters, people like their bonuses. We’ve already talked about what they have for their Casino games, now it’s time to talk about their available bonuses when you want to place a wager in their sportsbook. In addition, if you want to read all their promotions from Sports betting to Poker, please click this link to be redirected to their promotions page.

  • $25 Free Live In-Game Betting – A brand new better in This should be one hell of a welcome bonus for you. What does this mean? This means that by using their live betting software you will be able to take advantage of this bonus if your first bet is a LOSS. Yes, that is correct. They will refund your $25 back in full if your first bet isn’t lucky. What if your first bet wins? Then you are not eligible for the bonus and it is forfeited. What if your first bet is more than $25? The website only promised $25 back if you lose your very first bet under the live betting software, so if you bet $45, you only get $25 back. Awesome right?
  • Mobile Betting $50 Free Play – This is just the same as the bonus promotion mentioned above. The only difference is that you need to place a bet using your mobile device. The promotion is only valid for the very first mobile bet and if you lose, you get the money back of up to $50.
  • 100% Bitcoin Bonus – Yes that is right. Since this gambling website accepts Bitcoin, they have Bitcoin bonus for your first deposit. A minimum deposit of $20 worth of Bitcoin is required and a maximum of $1000 is placed. To receive the bonus, the user must enter the promo code “2017BTC” in the cashier while making the deposit.
  • 25% Bonus for Life – Use the code “FORLIFE” while making your deposit to get 25% bonus on top of your deposited money. Please be advised that the bonus earned can only be used in their Sportsbook. In addition, no withdrawals can be made within 30 days of claiming this bonus, so please keep this in mind.

Terms and conditions of the mentioned bonuses above can be reviewed here.

Security & Anonymity

The first step in knowing if you are able to create an account with anonymity is by creating an account on the website. Here at, we did try to create an account and was handed a huge form with lots of personal information needed. Anyhow, when you have successfully finished the form, a confirmation email will be sent to your provided email address. Click the activation link and now we’re on your account!

What greeted us was an unexpected surprise since we were not able to add a Two-Factor Authentication for our account to secure it. We all know how hard gambling websites work to make their website more secure and “perfect” for their customers and this is just clearly a letdown. If this bothers you then it would be best to read their privacy terms and conditions before signing up with them.

The only security that we will be getting would be from GlobalSign which is the company behind the website’s SSL capabilities. When it comes to anonymity, this can be pulled off since your account name comes out in alpha-numeric characters and there is an option to transact with Bitcoin which makes it easier to conceal any transaction between you and the gambling website.

Customer Support

The most important part of a gambling website is their customer support, why? Because these websites transact with real money and we all know that when money is involved, you better handle business properly. So does have what it takes to handle such responsibility? Their live chat service was put to the test when we were looking for their 2FA that can be added to an account.

What we can say is that their Live Chat service should stop using Google Translate to translate English phrases and should read more about what they are supporting. We contacted their live support to ask about 2FA and the answer was not helpful at all. The operator did not even know what Two-Factor Authentication was! Now would you think you would be happy if you were in our shoes? They seriously need to get a different company to handle their live customer service. We thought of getting a screenshot of the conversation but it was too brutal to expose. If any of you guys work for, please do a test chat with one of your supports then see for yourself.

Anyways, we now know that they have a working live chat support, they also have phone support which can be contacted at 1-888-843-9027. They also have several email channels that can be reached below.

How to bet with

Now that we’ve looked into most of the features and services of this website it is time to know how to place a bet for your next sporting event. The way betting works here at is really easy since you would not need to do anything that much and familiarizing isn’t that hard! So without further delay, let us talk about how to place a bet.

The first step would be to log into your account, of course, click on the betting line that interests you. For the sample screenshot, we’ve got lines for the recent NBA games. On the upper part of the betting page, you are able to change your odds and choose from American, Decimal, and Fractional odds. If you are not familiar with what this means, here’s a little refresher for you.

  • American – Plain and simple, if you see -110 this means that you need to put up $110 to win $100. If you see +110 this means that for every $100 bet, you get to win $110.
  • Decimal – Decimal odds shows the multiplier per $1 bet.
  • Fractional – Payouts that are given in a fraction.

Now we’ve covered that, select the Odds that you prefer and check the wager options below. A check would light the box green for you to confirm which you have selected. This will show up on the Bet Slip which is located on the right-hand side of the page. Since we are using a dummy account, the betting lines did not appear on the Bet Slip.

Quick Bet – Quick bet is a feature that can be used on their live betting tab. With this feature, you do not need to fumble around with the bet slip if you see an opening in the betting lines. Simply enter the desired wager amount and tick the “QUICK BET ON” box found on the bet slip, right-hand side of the screen. This is great for those live clutch moments wherein you think betting on the perfect timing is key to winning the bet.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Now we know where to go if we want to bet on the latest sporting events, we now know how to place bets and get the quick bet running for our live betting events. It is time to know how we get our money in and out of our account. Here at, they do not have that many options to get your money in, but they have enough. Accepted deposit methods are Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Skrill, MoneyGram, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Money Orders, and Cashier’s Check. The minimum deposit for Bitcoin deposits is $20 and the maximum is $25000 worth of Bitcoin. Deposit minimum for Skrill is $10 and the maximum is $50000. For MoneyGram, the minimum is $100 and the maximum deposit accepted is $600. To know more about the limits, please check their website and go to deposit now and click on the deposit method you want to check out.

Please be advised that Sportsbetting currently restricts credit card deposits from these countries: United Arab Emirates, Albania, Switzerland, Algeria, Estonia, Japan, Malaysia, Tunisia, Turkey, New Zealand, Russia, Oman, and Vietnam.

The deposit method is only limited to three options compared to what they have when it comes to desists. To name a few they’ve got Bitcoin, credEcardplus, ACH, MoneyGram, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Courier, and Skrill. Minimum payout ranges from $10 up to $500 per transaction. Fees range from being Free up to $75. Read more about their payout methods here.

What people are saying about

We’ve come to the most exciting part of the review, “What people are saying about this website?” part. We found it really intriguing to get to know what people have to say to this website that we just reviewed. We looked into their features, explored their services together and even went out to have a little betting tutorial for you, but in the end, are they really a “legit” gambling website?

We need to look into the internet for negative comments regarding this website and know which ones make sense and warn us of what they are capable of. It is really not a surprise to see withdrawal issues when it comes to online gambling websites, as this can only be the issue people would be furious about.

One thing about is that there are no recent reports regarding any withdrawal incidents that have happened to any customers, which is a good sign if you ask us. We’ve found a couple of comments in different reviews about not being able to withdraw money from them, but no screenshots or proof was provided. There is also no thread posts regarding any issues with the website posted in which is a really famous forum wherein online gamblers talk about services and issues regarding (gambling) websites today.

What does this tell us? This doesn’t cement the fact that they would not screw your account up. Always keep an eye out when it comes to your money; and even without recent negative reviews about the website, we still would want you to act vigilantly towards withdrawal issues. Pros and Cons


  • Large Bonuses being offered
  • Good number of betting lines
  • Live betting
  • Bitcoin accepted


  • Support staff needs training
  • Withdrawal methods can get expensive


How they turned everything around in 2012 made a drastic change in how they operated. Though this website really needs some serious customer service training, the betting options available are at par with some of the modern day gambling websites today. does not only deliver when it comes to being a sportsbook, they are also great as an online casino. With awesome bonuses that registered customers can enjoy, this website is a really good solid one.

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