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Honestly, most of the sports betting websites out there today are practically the same. They offer the same games and when looking for the best website to cater your needs, everything boils down to what their services are. Today, we will be looking into what has in store for us. We will be learning about their company, the betting experience, and everything else that we need to know about them!


To start, isn’t just a legit sportsbook but they operate an online casino too! Did you know that Nitrogensports started as a regular sportsbook website that accepts payments like Skrill, Neteller, and other eWallet services? When they launched way back in 2012, they were just a typical sports betting website with a dot-com address that doesn’t accept Bitcoin yet. And being a new website that offers typically the same services as most of the existing websites, it was a struggle to create their own identity for the first year of operation.

It was early 2013 that they decided to add Bitcoin to their payment methods together with everyone that was getting into cryptocurrency. With this newly added payment niche, they thought that it would attract customers to their website. What happened is that on the time Bitcoin was added into their payment method the value per coin was at $38-$45. But as we all remember, it was in 2013 that the Bitcoin market went crazy and the below $50 coin went to more than a thousand dollars in a span a few a months, making history.

With the cryptocurrency payment already fixed in place months before the “Bitcoin boom” happened, it was natural that Nitrogensports experienced a surge in users using Bitcoin and thus generating more traffic to their previously calm website. By the fourth quarter of 2013, they launched their EU website that exclusively accepts Bitcoin as payment and withdrawal method. This is the website that we all know by now.

The company operates out of San Pedro, Costa Rica. This means that they are not a regulated company or licensed by any gaming body. When a website is not bound by any regulations, this means that any player from around the world can access the website without any restriction issues.

We spent a few hours scouring the internet for information on who owns the website but unfortunately, we were unable to locate that person. If you know the name of the owner, please do leave a comment below. In addition, the only “guy” we found was supposedly their Content Manager named Carlos. Read more about the interview here.  Their Linkedin account didn’t have much to say about the company and their Twitter account is clearly just for social media traffic.

Sports betting experience

Generally speaking the betting experience with especially under their Sportsbook category is quite good. If we look into it in a perspective of a newly registered account holder, everything looks fine and all the services are easy to access. The tab located on the left-hand side of the account page is very easy to use and understand. Everything can be located in this area like the Nitrogen Shop, Blog, News, your wagers from the sportsbook to the casino.

The betting Rules can also be accessed through this tab, which is great since we do not need to go back to whatever page and read about what we need to know.

How about the general design of the website? The website itself is not that bad at all. Everything is where it is supposed to be and going to tabs that you need to go is not a pain since everything is right in front of you. We’re sure that you have been to countless gambling websites in the past and some of those websites are really hard to navigate. Here at, everything is neat and informative. Everything you need to know about your account can be easily accessed on the upper right-hand corner of the account screen. If you need to check the latest sportsbook pairs, then you just need to turn your head to the left-hand side of the screen and everything is there.

Play Poker also offers a separate entity for their Poker games. Why did they have to separate this from their online casino website? We also asked ourselves that question when we first visited their website. But what they actually did here is genius! The available games that you are able to play on their Poker website are all designed for multiplayer games. This means that you are able to play against other players! We obviously agree that it is more fun playing against other people than a slot machine, right?

Nitrogen Casino

If you are expecting to visit a grand casino with all the lights and stuff, then you are in for a surprise! The first time that we visited their online casino was earlier this year and we were actually shocked to find out that it isn’t something that would make us gamble with them.  The available games they have under their online casino is limited, which makes it a dull online casino to play at. Unlike any other online casino websites out there today which has hundreds of titles under their name. The only games available here are Dice, Baccarat, and Blackjack with three renditions, three card poker, and slots.

The feeling that you get when walking into their online casino is quite sad. We had the opportunity to do so and we were not impressed. Definitely, they can use a lot of improvement in this area to attract more people into playing their online casino games.

Betting Bonuses

Real casinos always have extravagant jackpot prizes being displayed in their lobby to attract more people into playing there. Just like online casinos lure people in depositing money to get bonuses out from it. That is why when it comes to online gambling websites, it is really important to have bonuses if a company wants more people playing under their name.

Here at, they do not have any sign-up bonuses but they do have an Affiliate program that you can take advantage of. You can read more about their program here.

Security & Anonymity

Talking about anonymity, we should all agree that they did their job pretty well in this department. We all know that when you first log (visit) into their website an account will be automatically be created for you. If you want to create a username, you just need to provide that and the default satoshi account can be logged in anytime by you wherever you are. How awesome is that?

  • The ability to change your deposit Bitcoin address is a really great security feature that they have added into this website. This means that every time we want to transfer Bitcoin into our account we are able to change this by clicking on the “New Address” button and the system will generate a new one for you.

If you know any other websites that have this feature, please do let us know in the comments section below.

  • They also offer Two-Factor Authentication for your account, which adds an additional layer of security for account holders. The most commonly used App is Google Authenticator, looked into this app if you are planning to get a 2FA for any of your online gambling websites.

Customer Support

Without customer service to provide all the answers being asked by troubled customers, how do you think they can survive? Just like anything in this world, nothing is perfect. Thus, customer service is always required when it comes to websites that handle people’s money. That is why we need to talk about the customer service ability of Nitrogensports.

What support do they have? Please bear in mind that before looking for a website’s customer service you need to look into their FAQ section first. There FAQ section can be accessed here. Moving on with their customer service support, we are able to access this by logging in first. Once you are logged into their website, use the ever-supporting left hand-side tab to get to their support channel.

All you need to do is click on Support, which can be found under the “Nitrogen” tab. This will open up a ticketing system in which we are able to reach them with any concern that we have. If you think a ticket is not worth your concern, you can also contact them through and get answers through email.

From what we have read, there are also support moderators that can assist you through their live chat feature. Their live chat bar is really hard to find unless you notice the ever-changing text that is shown on the upper most part of the account page. Please see the screenshot below on how to open up the live chat feature.

It would have been better if the website had a phone number for customers to call them directly if they have any concerns regarding their websites or account. Not all online gambling websites has an effective phone support, which is an easy downside for Nitrogensports.

How to bet with

We have been talking about everything that has to offer, but we haven’t talked about how to place bets! To start betting, we, of course, need to go to their website and create an account. Creating an account with is very easy and instant! Why? When you first visit the website, an account is automatically created for you. Please be advised that it is not advisable to use the provided account as this cannot be accessed on different computers. The automated account creation depends on the cookies saved on the computer used.

What does this mean? This means that every time we log in to our “Satoshi” default account, we need to do that on the computer that we used the first time we logged into their website. How do we change this?

Betting change account screenshot—

On the screenshot shown above, we are able to see the default account created for us. Showing on my screen we can see the account named satoshi [216097], click on the account name and select My Account to be redirected to the account page.

Shown in the screenshot above is the page that we all should see together once the My Account tab has been selected as instructed. On this page, we are able to change the satoshi account and customize it to your liking. Add a Username and Password for your account and go click on Add Credentials if you’re done.

Once everything is done, please log out and log back in with your username to check if the registration is complete. They do not give you a prompt if the username has been taken, which makes it harder to create an account with a short username. If you are planning to use a very short username, better think of an alpha-numeric combination.

Please be advised that even if we have changed the login credentials of your account, this will still show satoshi [numbers] but you are now able to login with any computer now. Now back to betting!

Below are the available sports that you are able to bet on here at

Football, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, eSports, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Darts, Handball, Motorsports, Rugby Union, Snooker, Table Tennis, Volleyball.

Every game mentioned above have own tabs dedicated to the matchup that you want to bet on. For example, under Baseball, we have MLB, MLB –Alternate Runlines, MLB – Hits + Rins + Errors, Korea Professional Baseball, and a lot more!

Please be advised that the website may not work if you are using Firefox as a web browser. We tried using it and it didn’t show any betting lines. We tried to use Google Chrome and it worked fine.

Understanding your bet

One of the biggest challenges when betting online is to understand what you are actually doing. Yes, all you need to do is click on the Arrow sign and put a wager on that pair, but is it that easy? No. We all need to know what the spreads are, the money line, and the numbers that are shown.

Let us take a look at an example Korean Professional Baseball game shown in the screenshot below:

  1. Spreads – Number one on our topic today would be Spreads. On the screenshot provided above, we are able to distinguish the spread from the rest of the information shown on the board. When it comes to spread betting, this always has a handicap involved. This means that on the screenshot shown, the NC Dinos need to win 2 points over SK Wyverns for you to be able to win the bet.
  2. Money Line – This is probably the easiest way to win a bet since all your team needs to do is win the match. Money Line bets can be clearly distinguished due to the “ML” label found.
  3. Over/Under – Betting over and under games means that you just need to bet on the total score of both teams. For example, in the screenshot provided. The number shown is 8.5, if you think that the total score is over 8.5, then you bet on Over, if you think its below, then go for Below.
  4. American Odds – This shows how much money you need to risk in order to win $100. On the example shown under SK Wyverns, it shows a number of -172. That means that you need to bet $172 in order to win $100. Now back to the screenshot provided, you can see that the NC Dinos has +126, right? That means that for every $100 that has been wagered on the team you will be winning $126.

The first box from the left shows the max bet you are able to wager against the matchup. For the example screenshot, the maximum wager would be 0.06 BTC per game. The second box shows the Decimal Odds. As we can see under SK Wyverns on the second box it shows 1.580, right? So this would be your decimal multiplier. If you would bet $100 for that matchup, you just need to multiply that to 1.580.

$100 x 1.580 = 158 = $58 potential profit since your original amount at stake is $100.

Do you think you are now able to successfully place a bet and not just press random buttons on the website? If you think you’re comfortable enough, then let us move forward and know how to get our money in and out of this website.

Deposits and Withdrawals

If you missed in earlier, we would like to kindly remind you that this website only accepts Bitcoin transactions. This means that deposits and withdrawals are all in Bitcoin and nothing else. If you want to deposit or withdraw from your account, just click on your account name and choose Cashier to get to the payment tab.

Everything can be seen in the payments tab. First and the most important number that we should always take note would be out Balance. Of course, this would show zero if we haven’t deposited any money into your account yet.

Below the Balance tab, we can see the Deposit Bitcoins tab. What’s great about this is that every transaction you are able to change the Bitcoin address to a new one. This makes the transaction secure compared to any other Sportsbook websites out there today.

What people are saying about

Why do we concern ourselves with the opinions of other people? Well of course, since this is a public website where everybody can literally create an account and bet on their favorite sports, knowing what they have experienced is really important for us to know! If it’s something good, then we would know how to experience it. If its something bad, then we get a good heads up.

We took the time to look at what people are saying about the website and here is what we read about them.

  • Bogus Accusations – Left to right, bogus accusations can be found being one of the common reasons why a person would right negative things about What are these bogus accusations? First a thread starter talks about not being able to withdraw money from a registered account due to being accused of using multi-accounts. But due to the post, it seems that Nitrogensports accused him of using two accounts since he and his roommate are probably using the same internet connection since they are betting on the same website it looked like it was only one person with two different accounts. But the angle doesn’t matter, what matters is the accusation. Good thing there was an update and the thread starter already received half of the payment. You can read the actual thread here.
  • Using a VPN Service – Yet another registered user also suffered bad luck in terms of dealing with Nitrogen Sports. Under this thread posting with the name “dealsthatarereal”, he talks about his account being frozen due to using a VPN service. The user did manage to talk to people from Nitrogen and provided all the required information but still, the account was frozen.
  • Frozen Accounts – In general this is probably one of the common concerns that are being reported on the given thread link above.

There’s also an issue regarding an account being compromised by a hacker, but the thread started was asked for more evidence and nothing was provided. Can it be just to destroy Nitrogensports? You can read more about it here.

Knowing about the issues regarding generally about withdrawals and how people reacted to the reviews is a serious thing that we need to put into consideration. We’re not here to scare you or something, but this is what people are saying about their service. Please keep this in mind.


There are added features of their website that you might want to look into. On the left-hand side of the website is the main tab location. Here we would be able to explore their Nitrogen Shop, Blog, News, Parlay Jackpot, Transactions, and everything else that you need to know about your account. Pros and Cons


  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Great website layout
  • Good list of sports
  • 2FA available
  • Easy account creation


  • Does not accept any payment than Bitcoin
  • Sketchy claims about people not receiving money
  • Casino needs more games
  • Need phone support
  • Unregulated


In general, the website is actually not that bad. They do need to consider into working with their customer service support based on the thread issues that were mentioned. has been operating for nearly four (4) years now and still getting support problems after all these years is something serious. When a website involves money, there’s always the chance that a website would experience errors in payouts and whatnot. That is why we always stress out the importance of customer service to help people get out of these troubles or at least make them calm. All-in-all, this website is not something that we would strongly recommend due to the recent issues they have. But without these issues, the website is solid and worth a try.


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