Bitcoin Betting on Volleyball

Volleyball is played on a rectangular court, two teams per side and six players per team. Each team will try to score points by grounding the ball on the opponent’s side of the court. The game has been included in the Olympics since the early 60’s and is still part of the regular Olympic games ever since. Since it is a team sport, the complete rule list is as extensive as you can imagine. But today we will talk about the basic rules of Volleyball to help you understand this game better, and of course, help you on your next bet.


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Basic Volleyball Rules

  • To start the game, each team needs to have 6 players per side. Three players are positioned on the front row and three on the back.
  • Each side gets a maximum of three hits before the ball needs to be sent to the opposing side.
  • A player cannot hit the ball twice in succession.
  • When a ball hits a line, this is considered IN.
  • A ball is considered OUT when it hits the antennae of the net, falls completely outside the court, hits any of the cables, the pole and the ceiling above the court.
  • A foul is called out when the ball hits any part of the player aside from their hands and arms.

These are just really basic rules that you need to familiarize to know why the officiating referee called a foul or decision that you cannot understand why. You can, of course, read more about the rules and regulations of an official Volleyball game here.

Volleyball Betting Tips

Of course, the most important part of betting in your next volleyball game is to know how to do it. There are a lot of websites today that offer volleyball betting tips, but most of them are somewhat hard to understand. We will be talking about basic tips that most people oversee or even miss on their first betting experience.

  • Player Stats – Just like Basketball, individual player stats for Volleyball would have a great impact on the match results. Having to choose the better team is as important as knowing what their individual player stats
  • League – The Volleyball world is huge! This means that most of the countries where Volleyball is so huge to have their own leagues. There are countries where Volleyball is huge includes France, Brazil, Canada, USA, Russia, and much more. You can also get new updates for the World League where the best of the best play the sport against each other.
  • Betting – Of course, betting may sometimes depend on how lucky you feel you are. If you take that luck and combine it with proper data, you would have a higher chance of winning. Use all the resources you can to have the advantage of winning your next bet.

The playing surface

Measures 9 x 9 metres, the net is 2.20 metres high for women and 2.43 metres high for men.

Most important rules

In volleyball, there are six players per team on the field. The ball must not fall to the ground in its own half of the game and must be brought into the opposing field at the latest with the third touch. The winner is the first player to win three sets. A set is finished when a team reaches at least 25 points and is two points ahead of its opponent. If a match exceeds five sets, this last and decisive set can be completed by 15 points; here, too, the leading team must have at least two points advantage.

These regulations can be traced back to a 1994 renewal of the rules by the Volleyball World Federation, which was intended to make this sport even more attractive. This renewal also includes, for example, that the ball may now be touched with any part of the body, including the foot; in addition, it may have contact with different parts of the body one after the other when the service is accepted. The feeding zone was extended from 3 m to the whole area behind the baseline. Another innovation is the introduction of the libero: the libero can replace any player during the game to defend the back court.

History of the sport

Like basketball, volleyball was invented at Springfield College in the USA as a winter recreational sport. Developed in 1895 by William G. Morgan, student and coach in Holyoke, volleyball was first called “Minonette” and played with a basketball bladder over a 1.83 m high tennis net.

The sports teachers quickly made the game known in the USA, then in Asia (from 1900) and in Europe (from 1919).

Volleyball became one of the most popular sports worldwide after the Second World War, when the Japanese and Koreans as well as the Eastern European federations advanced the technical development. It became even more popular there than in the USA.

Beach volleyball originated in California in the 1920s, but only became popular in the 1980s. This was followed by a rapid development: In Barcelona in 1992 the game on sand was still a demonstration sport, from Atlanta 1996 onwards it was firmly in the programme and has enjoyed great popularity ever since.

Olympic history

Volleyball became the Olympic sport in Tokyo in 1964, both for women and men. (Beach volleyball followed as an independent sport in Atlanta 1996).

Olympic success

The USSR dominated the volleyball scene for both men and women like no other nation. The Americans, although inventors of volleyball, only won their first gold medal in Los Angeles in 1984. Brazil’s team, which won both Barcelona in 1992 and Athens in 2004, is also successful. In Beijing 2008, the USA and Brazil met in the final, but the defending champions lost 1-3 sets.

In Barcelona 1992, Cuba surprisingly prevailed in the women’s event and Brazil in the men’s event. However, the success of the Latin Americans was no coincidence, as the results of the next two Olympic Games show. Both in Atlanta 1996 and in Sydney 2000 the Cubans won gold. Member of the winning team was Regla Torres Herrera. China triumphed in Athens in 2004 and Brazil in Beijing in 2008.

How’s the game arranged?

Volleyball is a setback game. Two teams of six players each face each other on a 9 by 18 metre playing field divided by a net. The ball can be touched three times in a team, including acceptance. A team scores a point if the ball touches the ground in the opposing field or if the other team makes a mistake. For example, a point is scored if the ball falls into the out, a player touches the net or touches the ball twice. A set ends after 25 points, with a difference of two points. After a point has been won, the players like to clap their hands – this strengthens the team spirit.

You can download the international volleyball rules (in English) from the website of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

Which training makes sense?

Volleyball techniques such as digging, flatbeds, crashing or blocking can be learned with special exercises alone, in pairs or in a group. The same applies to different moves for acceptance, attack or defence – they are practiced in the team. Good tactics can put the opposing team under a lot of pressure.

What are the health benefits?

Under certain circumstances, regular volleyball has many positive effects on health (see ). It strengthens the muscles in the legs and arms, stimulates the cardiovascular system and strengthens the bones. Back and ankle joints are particularly stressed in this sport.

What equipment is necessary?

The equipment is simple: You can start with a sports shirt and shorts. The sports shoes should provide good support on a plastic floor. Players who are eager to play can protect themselves from abrasions with knee pads. Balls are available with a hard or soft upper material, depending on the area of use for competition or training. Volleyball is played indoors or outdoors on hard courts.