Bitcoin Betting on Badminton

Of course, if you want to bet on a sports game, you should have an idea of how to play the sport. The objective of Badminton is pretty simple, you only need to hit the shuttlecock over the net so that it would land on the opponent’s side of the court before the opposing team can hit it back and return it to your court. A rally is started when each of the opposing team (Singles or Doubles) would not give up in saving the shuttlecock from falling into the floor.


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This is started once the shuttlecock is being served and when it comes to professional Badminton games, you would get the extremes. Some rallies can last up to a few seconds some would take several more. You can read more about the rules of the game here.

The modern Badminton game is regulated by Badminton World Federation. It is also played using Rackets and Shuttlecocks but this time, you would have a net in between the two teams. The most common variation of the game would be “Singles” and “Doubles”. Singles is where there is one player per side of the court and of course, doubles would be two players per team. The doubles version comes in three variations. First, you would have the Men Doubles, Women’s Doubles and the Mixed Doubles variation. When it was first introduced in the modern world, Europeans dominated the sport and when it became really popular in Asia, China dominated the sport. Badminton has also been included in the Olympic Games since 1992 and is still being played on that level until this day.

Betting Bitcoins with Badminton

Just like any sports betting, you need to put into consideration a few things. These are the right questions that you would ask yourself if you want to get into the Badminton Bitcoin betting world.

  • Weather – This should not come across your head as all official competitions of Badminton would always take place indoors. This also makes it easier for you to narrow down your predictions.
  • Doubles – Just like any team sports out there today, Badminton is not a stranger when it comes to team synergy. With all the tournaments happening within a year, it would be best to know the latest team rosters and team statistics for their latest records. Remember, even if a team just lost recently this doesn’t mean that they are not on a larger winning streak.
  • Singles – People that love to bet on 1v1 games would find it easier just like any sport to bet on one player and see if that player wins through their current standing in the league. It is also better to bet on Badminton Singles game as you do not need to think about team synergy and focus on one player’s skill set. Make sure to check that particular player’s stats on their recent tournaments. This will give you a clear picture of how strong that player is on different tournament settings.

History of Badminton

Badminton evolved from the ancient game of badminton (battledore and shuttlecock), a game played by adults and children in ancient Greece, China, Japan, India and Siam for at least 2000 years. Mexico of the Aztecs also had games similar to today’s badminton. Peasants played it in medieval England and in the late 16th century it was a popular children’s game. In the Baroque period the game, now known as “Battledore” or “Jeu de volant”, became a popular leisure activity of the court nobility in many European countries. Two players tried to hit badminton back and forth as often as possible without it touching the ground. The record among members of the Somerset family was 2117 shots in 1830 – a single rally! Queen Christine of Sweden and Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia were regarded by their contemporaries as masters of the game with the feathered ball. But how the feathered “ball” developed itself is a mystery.

How our badminton developed from this badminton is also uncertain. But we know that Badminton takes its name from “Badminton House”, the residence of the Duke of Beauford in Gloucestershire (today Avon), where a new kind of “Battledore” appears at the end of the 1850s. Isaac Spratt, a toy dealer from London, published a booklet “Badminton Battledore – a new game” in 1860, but unfortunately no copy has survived. It is also known that a very progressive type of game was played by the British in India in the 1860s and 1870s and the first rules were written there.

After the early 1870s, the picture of badminton development becomes a little clearer. The British took the political lead in India and the game became very popular as an outdoor amusement. It even became so popular that the church leaders of that time began to see the game as a threat to Sunday Mass! The first rules were written in Poona in 1873, but the game developed in India more as a social pastime than a competitive indoor sport. In England, too, it was more a social garden game in the first two decades. The raw but amusing form of badminton, also known as “hitting and roaring”, was the dominant form in the 70s and 80s of the 19th century.

An early form of the rules was published in 1883 in a thin booklet called “Lawn Tennis, Croquet, Racquets, etc.”. One of the “et ceteras” consists of ten pages dedicated to badminton, which the author calls “lawn tennis played with feather balls instead of balls”.

A more serious badminton developed gradually as many of the Indian veterans returned to England and an officers’ club was founded in Folkestone in 1875. J.H.E. Hart was one of the pioneers in India and when he returned to England he played an important role in creating the rules. He revised the rules in 1887 and again in 1890 with the collaboration of Bagnel Wild.

The first clubs of the 70’s and 80’s of the last century were mainly in the health resorts of southern England, but there were still many obstacles to play satisfactory competitions among each other: the clubs all had their own rules and there were differences in court size (e.g. Ealing played on a course about one and a half times the size of a today’s course!). Single games were classified as selfish and not all clubs played doubles – some played “Trebles” and “Quadruples”. In order to eliminate some of the contradictions, a meeting was organised in Southsea in Hampshire in 1893 and the “Badminton Association” was founded by the representatives of 14 clubs who agreed to common rules. Badminton became fledged and it was time for our present badminton.

In the mid 20’s, organised badminton took root in Northern Europe, North America and the East. But it was Denmark and Canada where the game made its greatest progress. The Danes made it their national winter sport.

Facts and info about Badminton

The fastest racquet sport in the world: A shuttle can reach a speed of up to 350 km/h at the stroke of a top player. In addition, a badminton player can cover an average of more than 1.5 km in just one match.

Famous personalities who play badminton include Paul Newman, Diego Maradonna and Nick Faldo. Badminton is so popular in Malaysia that up to 15,000 spectators are not uncommon at big badminton tournaments.


A shuttle weighs between 4.74 and 5.50 grams and consists of 16 springs. The best shuttles come from feathers of the left wing of a goose. The largest shuttle in the world can be seen in the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, Kansas City. It is 48 times larger than normal, 5.5 meters high and weighs 2270 kilograms.

International Badminton Federation

The first badminton association in the world was founded in England in 1893, which hosted the All England Badmintonships in 1899. In 1943 the International Badminton Federation (IBF) was founded by the nations of England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Canada, New Zealand and France as an umbrella organisation for the world and with it the set of rules that has survived to this day. Meanwhile 140 countries are members of the International Badminton Federation.

The two most successful badminton countries are China and Indonesia, which together have won about 70% of all IBF tournaments.

Badminton as an Olympic sport

Badminton was a demonstration sport at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. As an Olympic sport, badminton was included in the program at the Barcelona Games in 1992. The decision was made in 1985 when the IBF with its then 114 members was recognized as a worldwide representation. The athletes played women’s and men’s singles as well as women’s and men’s doubles. The Mixed also became Olympic at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. More than 1.1 billion people watched the Olympic badminton debut on television.

The Olympic premiere became a festival for Indonesia, which won five medals. Malaysia won one medal. None of these countries has ever won an Olympic medal before.

Badminton vs. Tennis

Badminton speed and endurance are much higher than any other racket sport. At a tennis match at the All England Championships 1985, Boris Becker won against Kevin Curren in four sets with 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4. At the Badminton World Championships in Calgary the same year, Han Jian from China won against Morten Frost from Denmark with 14-18, 15-10, 15-8.