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What is 1xBit.com? We will be dissecting this website and know what makes it tick. 1xBit is probably one of the best online gambling websites today that offer sports betting and online casino games. Aside from these staple internet gambling crazes, they also have Forex trading and financial betting which we will be discussing later in this review. So, what are we waiting for? Get your scalpels out and let the dissecting begin!

About 1xBit.com

A fairly new website, 1xBit.com just started operation in 2016 as a subsidiary of 1xBet. Since its launch last year, the website has been gaining a lot of attention in the online gambling world due to it being a strict cryptocurrency sportsbook. With the rise of Bitcoin on a daily basis, it is not a surprise that gambling websites such as 1xBit would slowly earn their places in the online gambling world.

The sportsbook is licensed from Curacao and operates in 46 languages to cater their international audience. Aside from Bitcoin, they accept other cryptocurrencies that will be thoroughly discussed later in this review.

Sports betting experience

There’s a lot going on their home page! That’s for sure! Everything is just everywhere. Despite people like to look at pictures, the over-use of them is simple not a good one. It would always be nice to see a website with finesse and proper placing of tabs to avoid visitors being annoyed by the website design. Anyhow, anything can be seen on their home page. The tabs are placed on the upper part of the website, making it nearly impossible not to see.

The sporting events are divided into two tabs; this would be “Sports” and the “Live” tab. First let’s take a look at their available sporting events under the “Sports” tab. These are the available sports that you are able to place a wager at 1xBit.com Alpine Skiing, American Football, Badminton, Bandy, Baseball, Baithlon, Bicycle Racing, Bowls, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, eSports, Floorball, Formula 1, Gaelic Foodball, Golf, Greyhound AntePost, Greyhound Racing, Handball, Horse Racing, Hurling, Lottery, Martial Arts, Motorbikes, Motorsports, NetBall, Skiing, and Trotting.

eSports is undeniably one of the best genres to bet on if you are planning to get into the online gambling scene. eSports is soaring into new heights which makes it a magnet for promotions, sponsorships, and of course a magnet for money. This is why people nowadays look for websites that they are able to bet on their favorite eSports teams. With 1xBit.com, you need not look further. Below are the available eSports games that you are able to bet on.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • DotA2
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Starcraft Broodwar
  • Starcraft II
  • Vainglory
  • Warcraft III
  • World of Tanks

Aside from the mentioned sporting events above, they have featured sports that people often place wagers at when visiting their website. This mentioned sports below can be accessed easily on the top left-hand game listing.

  • Football – It is a fact that Football (Soccer) is one of the most popular sporting events in the whole world. With fans that reach millions, it is clear that a sports betting website should and always have lines for this sport. Here at 1xBit.com, they not only have a couple of lines but they have 1046 events to choose from events like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Premiere League, Bundesliga, Primera Division, Serie A, Ligue 1, FNL, Russian Cup, and a whole lot more! You can check out their Football lines here.
  • Ice Hockey – One of the most brutal indoor sporting events to date, Ice Hockey is also one of the most watched sports in the world today. Launching themselves through the ice with sticks and a hockey puck that is passed around with more than twice the speed of the players themselves. Now tell us that isn’t something you want to witness? For all of you hardcore ice hockey fans, you know the thrill and we know how intense a match of ice hockey is. Here are the available events you are able to bet with them, NHL, KHL, Karjala Cup, CHL, VHL, Extraleague, OHL, QMJHL, AHL, PHL, Allsvenskan, just to name a few.
  • Basketball – Ever wished that you placed a bet on the previous NBA finals game with the Cavaliers and Warriors? You had the gut feeling that the Warriors would win this year’s championship but still, you left out on the bet. If you want to bet on the next NBA Finals or any regular season matches, both can be done here at 1xBit.com. Their available sporting events include the all-time favorite NBA, with Euro Cup, Euroleague, FIBA Champions League, and FIBA Europe Cup.
  • Tennis – Here at 1xBit.com, if you’re a Tennis fan and love to bet on your favorite player or doubles team, then this website is perfect for you! As this review is being written, we have noticed that they have more than 280 betting lines to choose from. The available Tennis events are the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, ATP, WTA, Challenger, and ITF’s.
  • Volleyball – Who’s not a fan of Women’s Volleyball? If you haven’t seen a match of a women’s volleyball game then you’re missing out on one of the most intense sporting events Here at 1xBit.com, you are able to place wagers on those events with betting lines like Superliga, Pro A, Coppa Italia, PlusLiga, and South Korea Championship.
  • Table Tennis – Table Tennis is clearly huge in Asian countries. But due to its unique game style, this attracted western players over the years. Though 1xBit.com doesn’t offer betting lines from all over the world, they focus on one region (at the time when this review was written) and that is Russia. They have the Moscow Championship Pro League lines which you are able to place wagers at.


Live – Their live tab contains “Bet on your National Team” this feature contains the available sporting events on your location based on the IP you are currently using. Here at 1xBitc.com under their live tab, you are able to bet on Live Cockfights happening in the Philippines where Cock Fighting is legal. If you are a fan but cannot bet on your country due to animal rights violations, then why not check this out and place your bets on the next match.

Their Live tab contains all the sporting events that they have that you are able to watch and bet at the same time. On this tab, we were also able to spot different eSports games that are being streamed live! If you have been looking around gambling websites trying to compare which ones are great or not, we would advise giving websites such as 1xBit.com credit for having the ability to stream live sporting events. Please be advised that not all websites have the capability to do so.

Mobile Betting – One of the great things about this generation is that we are able to bring online betting wherever we want to with the help of mobile devices. Mobile betting is becoming a huge market in the busy world that we live in today. 1xBit.com in partner with their developers has made this realization along with other gambling websites to have mobile Apps that can be of great use to gamblers all over the world. Now we are able to check on our bets, make bets, and visit the website whenever, wherever we want to with the use of the internet. Currently they only have an App for Android devices which can be downloaded here. They also have a mobile version of the website (without downloading the app) which can be accessed here.

Financials – If you’re wondering what this tab is all about them we’re here to explain it for you. What is it? We have thought about at least a 200-word explanation but this should be better, it is a tab wherein you are able to place bets on the current Forex exchange. Yes, all you need to do is select an asset that you want to place a wager on, select YES if you expect the rate to finish higher than the selected RATE or NO if you expect the rate to finish lower than expected. If you’re big when it comes to reading FOREX, then this tab should easily be your playground.

Forex – Yes, we know. It is weird to find a trading platform in the middle of a gambling website. That was our first reaction when we saw this under the “Financials” tab. Make a deposit or use the money to trade that you have won in their casino or sportsbook, it’s actually your call. Come to think of it, placing a Forex smack in the middle of a gambling website is pure genius! People that love to gamble, will definitely love this place!

1xBit Casino

The available casino games that we are able to look into were scattered in different tabs that are located on the main page. These tabs are Live Casino, Games, TV Games (a lot like live casino), and a separate tab for their in-house Poker tables.

Their Live Casino games boast games from providers like Extreme Live Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, PortMaso, Lucky Streak, XPG, Asia Gaming, PornHub Casino (Yes, this is not a typo), Vivo Gaming, and Grand Virginia.

Of course, their live games casino includes the usual casino staples like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and numbers games. I have always been a huge fan of Evolution Gaming and Asia Gaming since they have the prettiest dealers.

Their Games tab includes all the games that you find in an online casino. From Card Games, Board Games, Slots, High Odds (Bonus slots), and a lot more! They also have a Provably Fair Dice game in the house if you are in the mood for some Dice games. This can be accessed through this link. The dice game that you are able to play with is just the same with any other automated dice games out there today.

Here at 1xBit.com you are able to play with different Poker tables aside from the ones that they offer under Live Casino and TV Games. With their Poker tab, players are able to choose from different tables and play against different players as well. To select a table, you only need to click on any listed active tables and select which buy-in you prefer to play at. This is a great place to get your Poker fix if you’re not in the mood for some live poker games.

Their casino is a myriad of slots, table games, live games, and other casino games that you might expect to find in a fully-functional online casino. Despite being a Sportsbook at the same time a casino, you wouldn’t find an assortment of this caliber anywhere on the internet. If you are into Bitcoin Slots – you can find a big selection of bitcoin slots on this website.


Betting Bonuses

Let us ask you a question, would you rather gamble on a website without any bonuses? Or would you definitely choose the ones with “money back” promotions? We know what your answer would be and it is just economical to choose the ones with bonuses, who wouldn’t want to get a part of their money back? Today, we will be looking into what their available bonuses are.

  • 100% Bonus on the 1st deposit – This particular bonus promotion is really popular when it comes to gambling websites. Due to its “money back” nature, people are easily lured into creating accounts and depositing money just to double their deposit value. Here at 1xBit.com, you are able to double your first deposit of up to 1 BTC! In today’s market value, 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to $5,673 US Dollars by the time this review was written. Read the rules on how to get your first deposit bonus here.
  • Unlimited Cash back Bonus – Yes, that’s right! Here at 1xBit.com, we get the chance to earn unlimited cash back bonuses! This simply means that you get something in return every time we place a bet. Every time a customer places a bet, regardless if that bet wins or not, the customer earns points. Points can then be used in their promo code store to buy crypto currency, play games, open up chests, and spend the points that you earned while placing bets.
  • Accumulator of the day – Accumulator of the day are daily promotions that run through the website. These are betting lines that are posted on a daily basis. You get the chance to choose one accumulator of the day bet and get a 10% increase in the odds if you win the bet.

These are just some of their available bonuses waiting for a gambler that loves to get at least a part of their initial deposit back. To know more about their available bonuses, you can click this link to be redirected to their bonus page that includes everything you need to know about them including the rules and regulations on how to get these bonuses.

Security and Anonymity

A secured gambling website is everyone’s dream, who wouldn’t want a secured gambling environment? Well, unless you’re going to win outrageous amounts of money for little bets (illegal) then you might take the bait. But if you are just like us, honest gamblers, then you might want to settle for a secure website to bet on, correct?

Let’s talk about anonymity first. The ability to place bets without compromising your personal information is what people have in mind these days. With the use of crypto currency as a way to pay and bet for games, it is clear that this website has anonymity in mind. With that being said, you are easily able to create an account with their “One Click” feature that only asks for an email address and nothing else. Once you have provided an email, an account number will be provided and a random password to go with the new account. Now you’re in! No hassle in providing your location, address, phone number and whatnot.

When it comes to security, their website traffic has been encrypted, which at least gives protection to people that are transacting with them. The interesting thing is that they do not have a two-factor authentication option under their accounts. Has this been left out or are they in the process of getting one integrated into their system? If you guys know about why they do not have such security feature added into their website please do let us know in the comments section below.

Customer Support

Customer Support is a vital feature that all websites should have. They have a really active Live Chat support system that replies almost instantly if you need any help. Aside from their live chat support, they also provide email contacts if you do not mind waiting for a reply or just too busy to be in a live chat conversation. Below are the email addresses you can contact them with.

These are the customer service channels that we are able to use to contact them. Though it would have been nice to have phone support; the mentioned options above are more than enough.

How to bet with 1xBit.com

Now we’ve looked into most of the features the website has to offer, it is to take a step back and know how to place a bet with their sportsbook. How do we place a bet? First, we need to create an account with 1xBit.com by providing a valid email address, and that’s it! You also have the option to register via phone or social network if you wish to do so. Once logged in, follow the process below.

  1. Click on “Sports” or “Live” tabs found on the main menu.
  2. Select a sporting event from the left column.
  3. The odds and markets can be seen in the middle of the screen. To add a bet, just click on the selected line and this will appear on the bet slip which is located on the right column.
  4. If you are able to select different bets on the slip, select which type of bet you want to go with: Accumulator, System, or Chain bet.
  5. Once number 4 has been done, select or enter your wager amount and press “Place a bet”.
  6. If the bet has been placed, a separate pop-up window will appear with the details of your bet. Confirmation of the bet will then automatically deduct from your account.

Congratulations! You have now manually placed a bet. To review all your bets placed, all you need to do is go to the “Recent Bets” tab under My Account and go to Bet History. If the bet has been won, this will automatically reflect on your account.

One Click Bet – I’m sure you guys would remember that this website offers one-click registration right? Aside from a lightning-fast registration process, they also offer fast bets for easier access. To activate the one-click bet, all you need to do is tick the box that says “One-click bet” which can be located on the upper right corner of the central information box –just right beside the bet slip. I know it’s really hard to find, here’s a screenshot to help you out.

Once this box has been ticked, enter your wager amount and then select apply. A pop-up window saying “The stake is set” will show up confirming your pre-generated wager amount. The activation of this feature will allow a customer to place bets with just one click on the selected odds. Please be advised that once this feature has been activated, no confirmation is required and bets are placed automatically with just one click. To disable the feature, just uncheck the box that you ticked earlier.


This feature can be helpful sometimes and a pain in the head if you do not use it properly. All bets made are final; this means that when this feature is turned on, you better not click anywhere. Just to be safe, if you think your system is lagging, do not apply this as wrong clicks usually happen with unstable internet connections.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Getting your money in and out of the website is fairly easy due to the fact that they only accept cryptocurrencies for their services. But what do they accept aside from BTC? They accept payments using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, GameCredits, NEM, Byetecoin, Sibcoin, DigiByte, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, FunCoin, BitShares.

If you want to deposit money into your account, just click “DEPOSIT” which can be found on the upper-left corner of the website (need to be logged in). The next thing you want to do is select a crypto currency you want to deposit and the system will provide you with a unique deposit address straight to your 1xBit.com account. Withdrawals are basically the same with deposits since they also provide the same options for you to take your money home.

What people are saying about 1xBit.com

We’ve come to the most interesting part of the review, “What people are saying about” this website? For us, it is really important to know what people are saying about a certain website we are reviewing to get a fair share of what this website is all about. We cannot simply assume that when a website has great features, they are automatically legit and do not have any problems when it comes to paying up. With this being said a lot of issues when it comes to gambling websites circle around the issue of unpaid wins.

I’m sure that you have come across these claims yourself and would think that winning in these casinos is more than a risk than being an advantage. Come to think of it, you really do not want to win because you might encounter these problems at hand with the withdrawal issues. We’ve come across this thread post in Bitcointalk.org about a person not being able to receive his/her winnings.

This issue just happened earlier this year which might have already been resolved but no signs of the original poster giving us an update, which makes this issue horrifying. Without any update on this issue being handled by 1xBit.com, we suggest to keep an eye out for their withdrawal issues.

1xBit.com Pros and Cons


  • Live streaming
  • Accepts Bitcoins
  • A lot of promotions and bonuses
  • Fast registration
  • No deposit and withdrawal fees


  • No baking payment options
  • Withdrawal issues


This website has a lot of features and gambling opportunities that an online gambler would definitely love. The reason why we were so impressed with this website is that they have a lot of sporting events listed, they have a fully-packed casino, and they offer crazy cock fights from the Philippines! If you are a fan of using cryptocurrencies to bet online, then this should be one of your destinations. Without the negative comments about withdrawal issues, we wouldn’t find it hard to bet on this website.

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