Bitcoin Betting on Boxing

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Boxing is the modern day version of the Roman Coliseum wherein warriors fight to the death but in a more delicate and life-friendly way. But delicate is not the perfect world as this is also considered one of the most brutal contact sports out there today. With head concussions just being a normal day at the office for professional boxers, it is a sport of blood and sweat. And in order for a fighter to be the best at their division, they literally need to fight their way to the top. This is what makes boxing a popular cash betting sport, which in no question makes it also a popular betting sport when it comes to Bitcoin.

Unlike other professional sports where you would have Leagues or Cups, in boxing, there is no such Season or Leagues that fighters can participate at. Instead, they are divided up into two classes, Amateur, and Professional Boxing. Within these classes, the fighters are classed in different divisions based on their weight. Of course, the higher your weight class is, the harder the punches are expected to be. Official games are being organized and sanctioned by official boxing organizations like WBA, IBF, WBC, IBO, and WBO.

There are only a few fighters that have changed their weight classes and succeeded at dominating the sport in almost all divisions, to name one, we have Manny Pacquiao, a living legend.

Boxing Rules


Let us move forward and get to know the basic rules of a Boxing match aside from the fact that one round lasts 3 minutes.

  • You cannot hit below the belt, hold, trip, kick or wrestle your opponent
  • You cannot hit with your head, shoulder or forearm
  • You cannot hit with an open glove, the inside of the glove, the wrist, the backhand

These are just a few of basic rules of boxing from a very long list which you are able to view here.

Of course, we also have official championship rules, a few are mentioned below.

  • Championship games as twelve (12) rounds. Three (3) minutes per round and one (1) minute rest period.
  • Only the referee can stop a fight
  • There is no three (3) knockdown rule

More of the professional boxing rules are discussed here.

Bitcoin betting with Boxing

Since Boxing is an individual sport, it would have different factors compared to a team-sport game. Fighter statistics play a big role in boxing matches. This is why before in every fight, the tale of the tape is always mentioned and shown to the viewers to let the people know their current rankings in their divisions. This would give people an idea on what that certain fighter has done in his past few fights and what they are capable of doing against their current matchups.

Most of the time, statistics do play a huge role in game predictions but you also need to put into consideration the age of a fighter and how long they have been in the professional boxing scene. Some great fighters were Gods in their prime and are just mere shadows after decades of fighting in the ring.