Bitcoin Betting on AIBA Men’s World Championships Boxing

AIBA Men’s World Championships 2019

Dates: 7-Sep-2019 to 21-Sep-2019


The AIBA World Boxing Championships and the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships are biennial amateur boxing competitions organised by the International Boxing Association, which is the sport governing body. Alongside the Olympic boxing programme, it is the highest level of competition for the sport

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About the AIBA Men’s World Championships

After the Olympic Games, the World Championships is the most important competition for amateurs. Germany starts with some high-carat athletes, who have a good chance of winning the precious metal.

Which boxers will compete for Germany at the World Championships in Hamburg?

After 1982 and 1995, when Munich and Berlin were the venues, Germany again hosted the Amateur Boxing World Championships. Germany will compete with 10 athletes at the World Championships from August 25th to September 2nd, where Cuba is the most successful nation so far. A total of 85 countries with almost 280 boxers will take part. But who will enter the ring for Germany? We would like to introduce you to the participants!

Half flyweight: OMAR SALAH IBRAHIM

The 19-year-old from BC Münster will start with a half-fly weight of up to 49 kg. With a body height of 1.74 m he has not only size but also range advantages for this weight class. As a post-nominee for Christos Cherakis, Salah will be able to compete with the best in the world. In 2016 he won the Brandenburg Cup in the U19 and qualified for the U19 World Championships in St. Petersburg.

Salah Ibrahim is multiple German champion and quarter-finalist of the U22 European Championship 2017. Since Christos Cherakis had to decide against the World Championship due to school commitments, normal publisher Ibrahim was subsequently nominated.

Flyweight: HAMZA TOUBA

Hamza Touba is certainly no stranger in the German amateur scene. Hamza has been boxing for 10 years now. Last year he represented Germany at the Olympic Games, but retired early. Now he wants to do better at the World Cup in Hamburg. His previous successes speak for him and prove that he belongs to the top in his weight class.

Hamza Touba has won many German championships since 2010. He won silver at the 2007 EU Cadet Championships and bronze at the 2012 U22 European Championships in Russia. He also competed in the World Series of Boxing of the AIBA, where he won numerous times.

Bantam weight: OMAR EL HAG

With a bantam weight of up to 56 kg, Omar El Hag, born in Herzberg, Germany, will compete for Germany. The 23-year-old from TSC Berlin won bronze at the 2012 Youth World Championships and is considered a great talent. In 2013, he took third place among the national elite in the Bantam weight. In 2015 and 2016 he was also able to secure the runner-up title at the German Championships. At the 1st European Games in Baku, El Hag made it to the quarter-finals at the age of 21.


The 21-year-old sports soldier starts in lightweight up to 60 kg. Since his triumph at this year’s chemistry cup in Halle, he should also be a name for the last amateur boxing fan. Born in Turkey and trained by Ralf Dickert and Mike Hanke, he became runner-up last year in the age group up to 21 years. As multiple German champion of his age group, he also became third in the men’s class 2 years ago.

In addition to his international formative chemical cup success against the favourite US-American Delante Johnson, Yildirim can also show fifth places at the World Championships and European Youth Championships.

Half-worldweight: ARTEM HARUTYUNYAN

With Artem Harutyunyan, Germany was finally able to win precious metal again at last year’s Olympic Games. So it’s no wonder that the bronze medal winner from Rio will also compete in Germany at the World Championships. As the current “figurehead” of the German amateur boxing sport, Harutyunyan starts with a half world weight of up to 64 kg. The refugee from Armenia, who came to Germany as a heavyweight, is coached by Michael Timm at the base of the same city.

In addition to bronze in Rio 2016, he also won bronze at the European Championships in 2013. Harutyunyan also starts for the professional kidneys APB of the AIBA. Also at the World Championships in Hamburg, Harutyunyan is a medal candidate!

Welterweight: ABASS BARAOU

Abongside Harutyunyan, Abass Baraou is also considered a great hope for the home World Cup. The welterweight (up to 69 kg) is the German number 1 in his weight class. After winning the silver medal at the internationally important chemistry trophy in Halle in 2015, he won the gold medal this year. Already at the age of 19, the 22-year-old won this tournament.

The multiple North Rhine-Westphalian champion and national junior champion also took fifth place at the 2012 World Youth Championships. This was the first time he was able to prove that he can also be reckoned with internationally, having already caused a sensation nationally.


As the son of a Cuban boxer, the fistfight already flows in his veins. Silvio Schierle starts for Germany at the age of 20 as a middleweight up to 75 kg. He secured his qualification for the World Championships in Hamburg at the chemical cup in Halle, where he won bronze. The sports soldier won the championship titles at the 2012 and 2013 Junior Championships in Bad Blankenburg. He secured a respectable fifth place at the 2012 Junior World Championships.

Light heavyweight: IBRAGIM BAZUEV

With a light heavy weight of up to 81 kg, Ibragim Bazuev is another “hot potato” at the start. Bazuev, who has been boxing since 2006, masters fencing with his fist true to the motto “hit without being hit”. The two-time German champion and two-time German runner-up of the elite has been training at the Olympic base in Cologne since 2014. In 2016 he won bronze at an international tournament in Siberia. Alongside Abbas Baraou (Welterweight) and Murat Yildirim (Lightweight), Bazuev is also one of the three gold medal winners of this year’s Chemical Cup.

Heavyweight: IGOR TEZIEV

Igor Tezeiev starts for Germany in heavyweight up to 91 kg. Born in Russia and living in Germany for many years, Teziev is a sports soldier and trains at the Federal Base in Heidelberg. In addition to multiple German championship titles (including 2015 in heavyweight), he finished third in the U22 European Championship in 2013 – at that time still in light heavyweight. He also won bronze at this year’s chemical cup in Halle. Now a medal will follow at the Boxing World Championship in Hamburg.

Super heavyweight: MAX KELLER

In the weight class over 91 kg, is the Aachen-based Max Keller. Before he came to boxing, Keller was an enthusiastic footballer and judoka. After having called himself runner-up several times, he became German Champion in 2015. In addition to taking part in the European Games in Halle, Keller also won silver at the 2015 Chemical Cup. After becoming German Champion again in 2016, he won bronze in Halle this year.