Bitcoin Betting on Davis Cup Tennis

Davis Cup2019

Dates: 18-Nov-2019 to 24-Nov-19

Location: MADRID | SPAIN

The 2019 Davis Cup will be the 108th edition of the Davis Cup, a tournament between national teams in men’s tennis.

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About the Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is the competition that creates heroes and lets players and fans grow beyond themselves. After 6:21 hours Boris Becker raises his arms. It’s 5:17 a.m. in Germany on a Saturday morning in July 1987. Most tennis fans don’t need much information to remember this historic match. Davis Cup, USA – Germany, Hartford, Connecticut, second singles: goose bumps! It wasn’t about the ugliest salad bowl in the world, as the meeting of aJohn McEnro and Boris Beckerhätte might have suggested. No, they met at the Civic Center to play out their stay in the world group among themselves. So a relegation game was to become one of the most memorable matches in German Davis Cup history. Eric Jelen had already surprisingly defeated the favourite Tim Mayotte and brought the team around boss Niki Pilic into the lead 1-0. The young redhead from Leimen should finally play one of his most memorable matches. A match that still lives on in the memories of many tennis fans today. A battle in a witch’s cauldron in front of 16,000 frenetic fans, a battle of generations, a battle of epic proportions. (Click here for the report on the Davis Cup Battle of Hartford.)

Hero of Gothenburg

What does the German tennis fan remember when he hears the name “Charly” Steeb? Exactly: Gothenburg, 1988, Davis Cup final against Sweden, first singles, victory against Mat Wilander. With this triumph, Carl-Uwe Steebein set himself a tennis monument – he became the hero of Gothenburg and once again made the team competition one of the most fascinating events of the tennis year. Steeb was already down 2-0 against the 1988 triple Grand Slam winner, and the feverish tennis fan began to project his remaining hopes onto Boris Becker. He had to play in the second singles against his permanent rival Stefan Edberg. But Steeb taught us better and played the most important match of his life. After more than five hours on this pre-Christmas Friday evening he forced the highly favored Swede to his knees with 8:6 in the fifth set. Hardly a tennis fan would have believed the sympathetic left-hander a sensation like this. But now tennis Germany was on its head and the Davis Cup was within reach. Becker let himself drift on the euphoria wave in the following match against Edberg. In Saturday’s doubles, the three-time Wimbledon winner together with Eric Jelen against Stefan Edberg and Anders Järryd, who were already leading with 2-0 sets, made the first Davis Cup win perfect. (Click here for the report about the Christmas fairy tale in Göteborg.)

The game of big feelings

It’s matches like these that make the Davis Cup so fascinating and that many tennis fans still remember today. The hours in front of the tube – and it was still a wrestling battle at the time – the stadium atmosphere, the sense of nation that comes close to that of a football World Cup, the team spirit that you would hardly expect from these individual athletes, the closeness between the players and their audiences, who cast a spell over them, make them cheer, cheer and suffer – almost as if their lives depended on it in these moments of emotional devotion. Some people may even know what they experienced on that Davis Cup weekend. The Davis Cup awakens memories, it brings them to life – again and again. It is the competition that creates heroes, that lets players and fans grow beyond themselves. It is the game of great emotions.

The icing on the cake of every career

This competition has never lost its fascination, not least because the fire to win this unique team trophy blazes in every player. The career as a lone fighter on the Tour may have been so successful. Whether Björn Borg, John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, Mats Wilander, Andre Agassi or Pete Sampras, they all find their names immortalised on the trophy today.Rafael Nadalgelang the feat with his Spaniards four times, in 2010 it wasNovak Djokovic who won the Davis Cup with Serbia.Viktor Troickiholte the decisive singles at that time and made himself immortal. Last year it was Roger Federer who brought the salad bowl to Switzerland with his buddy Stan Wawrinkadie. The value of a success with his national team for the “Maestro”, who was decorated with all honours, was already apparent a week earlier. After being beaten in the semi-finals, he cancelled the showdown of the ATP World Tour Finals in order to regenerate for the Davis Cup final against France.

A match for eternity

Next weekend Scotsman Andy Murraymith Great Britain will also have the chance to win the Cup, which has been contested since 1900. The opponent: Belgium. It would be the tenth title for the men from the island, the first in 79 years. The extent to which the second in the world rankings at the ATP World Tour Finals was spared for the national competition remains a matter of speculation. What is certain, however, is that millions of tennis fans will once again gather in front of their flat screens this time, that they will cheer, suffer and cheer, and possibly remember this historic weekend for the rest of their lives. In Ghent, Belgium, a frenetic crowd will turn the Expo Hall into a witch’s cauldron, they will outgrow themselves and encourage their players to do the same. And there is no doubt that heroes will be born again this weekend. And that’s what we’re looking forward to once again at the Great Feelings Competition.