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All-Africa Games 2019

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The 12th African Games will take place in October 2019 in Casablanca, Morocco.

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About the All-Africa Games

The African Games (French Jeux africains), until 2012 also called Pan-African Games (French Jeux de toute l’Afrique or Jeux panafricains), are the sports games of the African continent. They are organised by the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) and are usually played every four years.

The first and last games were held in 1965 and 2015 in Brazzaville, Congo. The venue for the African Games in August 2019 will be Rabat in Morocco.

All-Africa Games 2015

The XI African Games 2015 took place from 4 to 19 September 2015 in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo. The Games were announced on 14 September 2011, marking the 50th anniversary of the first African Games in 1965.

All-Africa Games 2019

The Africa Games 2019 will take place from 19 to 31 August 2019 in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. The games were originally awarded in June 2016 to Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea. Due to economic problems, the country decided to hand over the games. At the end of 2017, Lusaka (Zambia) became the new host, before Morocco was finally awarded the contract in July 2018.