Bitcoin Betting on Skiing

If you ask me, this is one weird sport to include in Bitcoin betting as it is really not made for betting. Skiing is on a different level of sporting and I just could not believe that Sportsbook websites also accept betting for this! Since skiing is a winter sport, there are months wherein the sport is dead due to the season. People would usually bet on both women’s and men’s sports and the most common bets include biathlons, cross country, alpine skiing, speed skating and ski jumping.

Skiing Types

  • Cross country – There are different types of cross country ski races. Different events are held for both men and women, making it easier for data comparison. Cross country skiing may include one versus one race or team relays.
  • Alpine Skiing – Includes a lot of events like the Giant Slalom, High -speed downhill and a lot of events that you are able to bet on.
  • Jumping – Ski Jumping is an extreme sports event where athletes would be jumping of impossible obstacles. This type of skiing is often included in the Winter Olympics due to its extreme factor and exciting genre. Though only men can compete in this type of skiing event, it is still an awesome event to be a spectator of.
  • Biathlon – A biathlon is cross country skiing and rifle shooting, a sport that has evolved from military training more than a hundred years ago.

Major Events to Bet On

  • Alpine World Cup – If you are someone in the skiing world, you should be seen in this event as this is considered the premiere event of all skiers. This would come in handy if you want to know the best skiers in the world today. This will, of course, give you the advantage when it comes to pairing and predictions.
  • Olympics – This is probably the most exciting time for all that bet on Skiing with Bitcoins. Just like the Alpine World Cup, the best skiers from the entire world come to this congregation of the best athletes in the world. What more can you ask? Take note of the players that join major events like the Olympics and World Cup as they are the alphas in their forte.

These are the major events that you need to put into your notes as probably the most important of them all. These are also the events that most of the Sportsbook websites would be listing on future bets for skiing.

Bitcoin Betting Tips for Skiing

It wouldn’t be complete without the betting tips for skiing. So here are a few things that you want to take note of if you want to have added chances in winning your future bets. Some of these tips might be so obvious that you might have missed them.

  • Participation – Skiing has different genres or disciplines that you are able to choose from. Know your player’s skills and discipline, a good cross country skier which requires a very high level of endurance can be awful at extreme sports skiing.
  • Track Record – Skiing is a skill that needs to be learned. We were not born with skis on our legs, making it a skill that human beings need to master and learn especially if this is on a competitive level. The best players of the sport have great track records; use this to your advantage in helping you win your next future bets.

As of today, the only website that offers Ski betting would be

Good luck on your next bets!