Bitcoin Betting on Wrestling

Wrestling itself has been around since the Ancient Greeks as a military skill needed to survive in close quarter combat. Though the sport itself has evolved since the early “skirt” days of the Greeks, it is still a celebrated sport that is recognized around the world. Though it would be great to see a legit Greco-Roman wrestling being listed by the Sportsbook websites today, it is unlikely and really rare to be able to bet on them. What fuels the wrestling in the Bitcoin world would be the entertainment wrestling like WWE.

World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE has been entertaining people with their awesome story lines, sick stunts since the early 50’s and still continues to this day. If you are not a millennial then I’m sure you know how it was so awesome to watch Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and Hulk Hogan. Since the whole thing is a show, “Rules” would be useless for us to win bets.

Things to Remember when Betting on Wrestling

  • Not Real – Everything is not real. WWE and other professional wrestling organizations today fabricate the stories and create something entertaining for their fans to watch. Most of the time you would already know who would win the match just by listening to what the wrestlers have to say before they get up to the ring. And when you watch professional wrestling, you know what I mean.
  • Options – Since we all know that professional wrestling is not “Real”, how can we win bets? Well, you need to know your available options. We all have our favorites and “The Rock” has always been my favorite wrestler since he first competed way back in the 90’s with that funny “fro”, I think you still can remember that time yeah? WWE likes a good storyline, use that storyline to properly select the fighter you want to bet on.
  • Characters – Knowing that everything is not real and “staged” it is best to know which characters play the protagonist and antagonist roles. Usually, protagonists win a lot of games while antagonists’ roles come at the most unexpected times of the series.

Not all websites offer wrestling bets due to the nature of the “sport”. Since it is all staged, not everyone would like to leave the outcome already written at the backstage of the fight. Who wants to bet on something that has already an outcome? Well if you’re a fan, then you might want to do otherwise. The only Sportsbook website that accepts Wrestling bets would be the veteran If you’re interested in placing a bet using your Bitcoins, head over to their website, create an account (since you need to have an account to have access to their books) and browse the available betting options.