Bitcoin Betting on Volleyball

Volleyball is played on a rectangular court, two teams per side and six players per team. Each team will try to score points by grounding the ball on the opponent’s side of the court. The game has been included in the Olympics since the early 60’s and is still part of the regular Olympic games ever since. Since it is a team sport, the complete rule list is as extensive as you can imagine. But today we will talk about the basic rules of Volleyball to help you understand this game better, and of course, help you on your next bet.

Basic Volleyball Rules

  • To start the game, each team needs to have 6 players per side. Three players are positioned on the front row and three on the back.
  • Each side gets a maximum of three hits before the ball needs to be sent to the opposing side.
  • A player cannot hit the ball twice in succession.
  • When a ball hits a line, this is considered IN.
  • A ball is considered OUT when it hits the antennae of the net, falls completely outside the court, hits any of the cables, the pole and the ceiling above the court.
  • A foul is called out when the ball hits any part of the player aside from their hands and arms.

These are just really basic rules that you need to familiarize to know why the officiating referee called a foul or decision that you cannot understand why. You can, of course, read more about the rules and regulations of an official Volleyball game here.

Volleyball Betting Tips

Of course, the most important part of betting in your next volleyball game is to know how to do it. There are a lot of websites today that offer volleyball betting tips, but most of them are somewhat hard to understand. We will be talking about basic tips that most people oversee or even miss on their first betting experience.

  • Player Stats – Just like Basketball, individual player stats for Volleyball would have a great impact on the match results. Having to choose the better team is as important as knowing what their individual player stats
  • League – The Volleyball world is huge! This means that most of the countries where Volleyball is so huge to have their own leagues. There are countries where Volleyball is huge includes France, Brazil, Canada, USA, Russia, and much more. You can also get new updates for the World League where the best of the best play the sport against each other.
  • Betting – Of course, betting may sometimes depend on how lucky you feel you are. If you take that luck and combine it with proper data, you would have a higher chance of winning. Use all the resources you can to have the advantage of winning your next bet.