Bitcoin Betting on Table Tennis

Ping-pong or Table Tennis as people call the sport is played in singles or doubles. The game has first been played way back in the 1880s! Can you imagine that? And I’m here thinking that this is just a modern sport that we just invented. Forest Gump knows how to play Ping-pong!

Anyways, ping-pong has been a source of betting especially in the Asian scene where this sport has gained its popularity within the century. The best players also come from the region where gambling is part of their culture, that is why it is not a surprise if you see Table Tennis games being posted in online Sportsbook websites today.

Of course, it would be important to know at least the basic rules of Table Tennis in order for you to properly predict a game and win the bets you are planning to make with this sport. Please be advised that official games are regulated by the International Table Tennis Federation or the ITTF.

Table Tennis Basic Rules

  • During tournaments matches, the ITTF regulates the equipment used in a match
  • Table surface – The table should be 2.74m long and 1.52m wide placed on a platform that is 76cm above the ground/floor. The top of the net should measure 15.25cm above the playing surface/ground.
  • Tournament Balls – Tournament balls should have a diameter of 40mm. Only white or orange matte colors are allowed in official sanctioned matches.
  • Racket – The racket can be of any size as long as it is made out of 85% natural wood. Before a match, each player of the opposing team can inspect the opponent’s racket for good faith.
  • Serving – To start the game a player must serve the ball and this should be placed on an open palm.

These are just really basic rules that are just a tip of the iceberg. You are able to learn more about the rules of the game here with the table specifications, net assembly, and definitions.

Table Tennis Betting Tips

  • Sportsbook – It is as important as getting to know the game and knowing where you bet on your next Table Tennis game. The game is popular but there are only a few Sportsbook websites that offer betting odds. Know where you are able to bet on the next game! (A couple are mentioned below)
  • Data – Just like any sports out there today, even if you are not gambling and you just like to support your favorite player/team, you need to make use of proper and updated data. You are able to get the latest news of the Table Tennis world