Bitcoin Betting on Soccer

Football or Soccer to some people especially in the United States is probably one of the most celebrated sport today. The highest governing body of the sport is FIFA and it governs all leagues in the world. Due to the action-packed matches of Soccer, people would naturally bet on matches, may it be part of the ongoing league series or something separate. Without further delay, let us talk about the basic rules of soccer so that you may have an idea on how the game works. If you want to bet on a sport, it is really important to at least know the basic rules.

Soccer Basic Rules

Here are some basic rules of a Soccer match:

  • Matches are generally played by two teams, one per side and 11 players per team. The goal-keeper is, of course, included in the roster count. A team can also play a game if they have at least seven players on their side of the field. But if a team cannot field at least seven players, the game is forfeited and the opposing team wins the match.
  • Equipment – It is really important to have the proper equipment when playing Soccer. Please be advised that a referee can deem a player’s equipment unsatisfactory and can send that player to the bench for the remainder of the match if that player cannot produce proper equipment. Proper playing equipment includes a jersey, shorts, shin guards, socks and of course cleats.
  • Referee – The word of the referee is law. If you do not obey the law or have violent reactions, you can be issued a card.
  • Duration – The duration of one match is divided into two 45 minute halves. Each of the halves is separated with two half-time periods that would not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Scoring – A score is considered when the ball crosses the goal line within the frame of the ball.

To read more about the rules of Soccer, please click on this link provided.

Betting on Soccer with Bitcoins

Betting on Soccer with Bitcoins or cash is as exciting as just watching it without any wagers. The reason for this the way the game is designed as it creates an easy opportunity for competition. Have you ever seen a league match that would reach fifty goals on one team? The size of the field itself and the number of skirmishes that happens before a goal is made is what makes this game really amusing to watch and bet on.

Since Soccer is a team sport it would be very wise to look into the best teams in the league today. Also, remember that this is a team sport and that means that trades would always affect the performance of a team. Know the latest news and updates as this will help you big time!