Bitcoin Betting on Rugby

Rugby Football or Rugby for short is at first glance like the American Football counterpart that our American friends are fond of playing. There are two main variations of the game; we have the Rugby League and the Rugby Union which are called “codes”. Though they initially had the same rules they are both now considered different sports and have developed a different set of rules over time.

Over time both codes have developed a different set of rules and have quite evolved to what they originated from. Today, we will be talking about four different things about the Rugby Union and Rugby League.

  • In the Rugby Union, each team consists of fifteen (15) players per side, wherein the Rugby League teams would only get thirteen (13) per side.
  • In Rugby League, there are no line-outs, rucks, and mauls.
  • In the Rugby Union, there are no limits to the number of tackles a team can make on every possession. In the Rugby League, the down rule is closely similar to the American Football as they have a six-tackle rule.
  • The Rugby League, a “try” is worth four (4) points and the conversion is worth two (2). In the Rugby Union, they are worth five (5) and two (2) respectively. A drop goal is worth a whopping three (3) points in the Rugby Union and worth only one (1) point in Rugby League. A penalty goal in the Rugby Union is three (3) points and two (2) points in Rugby League.

Rugby Pointers

Though it is really important to know the difference between the two codes, do not confuse yourself with all the rules and the differences, and just treat them as two different sports and not the same. This way you would not confuse their “slight” differences and focus on winning your bets.

  • Teams – You need to know which teams are great on their different codes. For the Rugby Union, the best team so far and has been doing it for a very long time now would be the New Zealand National Rugby team or “All Blacks”, I’m sure you have seen them doing the Haka, my favorite pre-game ritual! For the Rugby League, we have the Holden Kangaroos, which is the Australian National Rugby team.
  • Players – Of course, you need to make sure that you get the list of the best players per code in order to predict games properly.
  • Strength – I’m sure you have seen a lot of Rugby games in your life and I just can’t explain how exciting and exhilarating the game really is and you can easily get lost in every game these lads play at. Focus on what you are here for and that is winning Bitcoins! Know when you bet and what teams to bet upon, get the latest updates on injuries and trades.