Bitcoin Betting on Olympic Games

The Olympic Games has and always be a measure of one’s capability to compete in a truly international scene. In the Olympic Games, all countries in the world send their best athletes to compete in this prestigious event that takes place every four years. The Summer and Winter Games alternate every four years but play every two years. There are all sorts of games included in the Olympics, singles, doubles, and of course team sports. But not all of the games played in the Olympics would through the Sportsbooks; only the famous games make it through the betting scene. So what are the games that would be available for betting?

Bitcoin betting in the Olympics

Due to the number of games that are involved in the Olympics, it would be wise to know which ones are available to bet upon. The last thing you would want is to study data on a sport that wouldn’t even be offered to bet on. Here are the games that are likely to be included in Sportsbook websites.

  • Boxing – Has and always will be an Olympic sport due to its nature. The only difference is that compared to any other sports, in boxing, no professional boxer is allowed to compete. This is due to their level of expertise and the damage they might do to their amateur competition. Look into boxers that compete in an Olympic level to get an idea on which players to look into.
  • Ice Hockey – Ice Hockey is a very active and physical sport which has also been included in the Olympics since the 1920’s. It is no surprise that this sport will and always be included in Sportsbooks around.
  • Basketball – The NBA has been producing top notch teams every four years to compete in the Olympics. It is actually unfair to some of the countries as they only have a handful of NBA players that go up against Team USA that is a force to be reckoned with in the Olympics.

Olympic Bitcoin Betting

When it comes to Olympics, the games are not played every year as it is played every four years. This makes it harder for people to get on the games presented and played during these long gaps. Anything can happen within the span of four years and most of the time, teams would likely change roster by then.

Some of the teams that are competing in the Olympics would use the same players to avoid retraining problems and not to mention, experience. On our end, as Bitcoin bettors, it is really hard to predict the outcome of the next Olympic sport as we wouldn’t have much data compared to a normal series. Stakes might just be the same, but again, nature makes it really hard.

The only way to battle Olympic problems is to research the right points. Like which country has succeeded in different sports as this is likely to be your best start. Countries like the United States have a very long track record of bringing home Gold Olympic medals making it easier for you to box the win out.

As of now, the only website that accepts Olympic bets would be the veteran in Sportsbook betting,

Good luck on your bets!