Bitcoin Betting on MMA

Mixed Martial Arts or better known as MMA, has been existing since the very first sparring happened thousands of years ago. This is an art that has survived the ages and is still being played until today. But it wasn’t always great for MMA as this was just recently accepted into the sports world due to its nature and brutality of the sport. Now MMA is not only enjoyed by millions of fans around the world, it is also one of the sports that are huge in the betting world. Of course, when it comes to betting, Bitcoin is there to take the cut.

Due to the number of people that actually watch MMA matches, Sportsbook websites that have added this into their arsenal of sports to bet on. But to fully understand how the game works, not just knowing that there are two fighters inside the octagon can help you win bets.

Basic MMA Rules

Here are the basic MMA rules that you need to be familiar with if you want to predict games better. And of course, answer your questions on why that fighter did not do what you think they can do.

  • No groin attacks
  • You are unable to use your knees on a grounded opponent’s head
  • No spine/head strikes
  • Head butts are not allowed
  • No eye gouging (Sorry GOT fans)
  • No biting

These are just a couple of the basic rules of MMA, if you want to read more about the rules of the sport, just click on this link.

MMA Bitcoin Betting

Of course, it would be really important to know a few tips on how to properly bet on your next MMA game. You might know some of these pointers but it is always an advantage to know more or just even confirm that you are on the right track. Here are a few tips in winning MMA fights with your Bitcoin bets.

  • Fighter – Always know which fighters are doing great in their weight class. MMA is played depending on the weight class they are at. Knowing which fighters are doing great is always an advantage on your betting. Read more about the latest news here.
  • Previous Fights – A fighter is defined as “great” if they have taken down previously crowned fighters. You are also able to weigh their potential through previous fights. Take note of whom they have taken down and demolished in the octagon.
  • Age – A fighter is effective during their prime. The only thing that’s holding them back would be their age. You can never be on top all the time until you retire unless you retire early. Some fighters may fight until they are not able to win any games anymore. Do not wait until that time comes; know the prime fighting age and this will help you predict games better.

These are the pointers that you need to keep in mind before betting on any MMA fighter. Know their limits as these are just human beings but with extraordinary fighting skills.