Bitcoin Betting on Horse Racing

Considered a “Gentleman’s Sport” due to the cost that would let you into this hobby is considered one of the most betted games that have been played for generations. Horse Racing is a sport where a group (sometimes 1v1) of horses race around a track in the least given amount of time. The basic rules of the game haven’t changed for a very long time and are still being respected and used until to this day.

There are different formats when it comes to Horse Racing and different countries have made or developed their own rendition of the sport. Common variations would be particular breeds that are allowed to participate in race events, different obstacles, different track surfaces and more. Horses are mainly raised for sport, but due to the nature of the game, people would always gamble when they visit the nearest horse track. Of course, this wasn’t missed out when it comes to betting Bitcoins as it is one of the biggest betting sports ever conceived.

Now people that have Bitcoin and interest in Horse Racing bets can easily get online and bet on their favorite racing series and pick the best horse to win their game. Without further delay, here are the basic rules of play when it comes to Horse Racing.

Horse Racing Basics

  • Types – There are different types of Horse Racing available today that you might confuse yourself with if you are not familiar with the types. Remember, racing is not just about a bunch of horses running around a circular track (well maybe it is) and the winner gets to get everything. There are different types of horse racing that you need to put in mind. These would be Flat Racing, Jump Racing, Harness Racing, and Endurance Racing.
  • Horse Breed – The most popular horse breed that you need to keep an eye out for would be the Arabians as they are the fastest in the world. Though not all tracks would accept Arabians, it is still best to know which breeds are the fastest. You can learn through this website to know more about them.
  • Jockey – The horse involved is just one part of the team you are betting on. An experienced jockey can make a difference when it comes to racing. A good jockey can turn a not so fast horse into a winning horse depending on their experience in racing. Remember, a good jockey is a factor that you need to put into consideration at all times.
  • Track – There are different tracks that modern Horse Racing is staged at. And just like human beings, horses do not continuously perform better on different tracks as general. Know which horses perform better on where to maximize your probability of winning.
  • Betting – When it comes to betting on your best horse, make sure that you research about everything that you need to know about the sport. Jockey’s, Horses and tracks are the subjects that you need to study in order to win games.

You are able to place bets using your Bitcoin through online websites such as which accepts this kind of bets.

Good luck on your bets!