Bitcoin Betting on Hockey

One of the mist brutal games today (aside from boxing) would be the team sport known as “Hockey.” It is a team sport wherein the game is played with two opposing teams with six players per team trying to take control of the puck and try to make a goal on the opponent’s end with the use of a hockey stick. The most popular variation that is being played today and most commonly betted upon in Sportsbook websites would be Ice Hockey.

Ice Hockey is not only popular in sports books but is very popular across the world as well. It is most popular in Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, and the northern regions of the United States. The game was believed to have evolved from a simple stick and ball games that were played during the 18th and 19th century. To properly determine whether a team is strong at their league or not, it would be best to know the basic rules of the game first.

Basic Rules of Ice Hockey

  • To win the game, a team must score more goals than the opposing team.
  • The Ice surface is divided into three zones. The area where the goal is located, this is called the “Defending Zone” or where the keeper makes sure the opponents attacks would not go through. The middle of the ice rink is called “Neutral Zone” which is located between two blue lines. The opposing team’s area where you see their goal is called the “Attacking Zone.”
  • Substitutions can be made any time of the game and are unlimited.
  • The game is played with three twelve (12) minute or fifteen (15) minute periods depending on the league.

You can read more about the basic rules of Ice Hockey on this link provided.

Betting on Hockey Games

Due to the nature of the sport and crazy fans from all over the world, it would not be a surprise that hockey would gain such reputation when it comes to betting. In hockey games, it is really important to keep in a mind a few things rather than being a mindless hockey fan better.

  • Data – Make use of team data, latest updates about injuries and everything that can affect the overall performance of a team. This goes out to team games out there as well. If you are a smart better, make sure that you’ve got the latest data needed in order to predict a game. For the NHL, you are able to get new updates here.
  • Team Plays – The game of hockey is a team sport. Compared to any other team sports out there today like American Football where in team functionality is really important, this is multiplied a few times more in Hockey. The fast hard hitting games would be the reason why good team plays are important to win a game. Go take your time to know which teams have been doing awesome in team plays as this would point you do the right direction.
  • Records – Data, as I keep repeating myself on this article is really important as winning the bet itself. If you do not have previous records of a team and how they fair in previous competitions then you are just gambling your Bitcoin. Do not gamble. Bet to win!

As of today, the online website that accepts Hockey bets would be

Good luck on your bets!