Bitcoin Betting on Golf

Golf is usually played by posh yuppies and business men due to the nature of the game itself. Its relaxed nature can be easily enjoyed with a couple of friends and can be a perfect conversation backdrop for business deals, making it a go-to-sport for businessmen and young professionals that are making their way up to the corporate ladder. But aside from its “status” of an elite game, it is a serious sport that has been played and competed for a very long time now; with the first game played back in the 15th century Scotland. The game is a club and ball sport wherein you need to hit the ball through a series of holes in an outdoor course designed to make it harder for you in as few strokes as possible.

If you want to bet on the next Golf series, it would be best to know how to at least win the game. Below are the basic rules of scoring in Gold. The international rules and regulations of the game have been regulated by two Golf officiating bodies which would be the R&A and the USGA.

Aside from the fact that you need to score lesser strokes than your opponent, you do need to know how many strokes are needed to win the game or how many points per putt.

  • Par – This is the number of strokes that you need in order to finish one part of the Golf course. Each hole has a designated Par in which players match or do their best to make lesser strokes than the average. The lower the Player’s par per hole the better.
  • Course – Remember that Golf has a fixed course wherever you would play in various international greens in the world. This means that veteran players can easily go through these courses any time of the year and study them to score better.
  • Wind – This factor plays a huge role in any golf game. Have you noticed the flags that are usually in Golf tournaments? Professional players use these flags to determine wind speed and direction to help them control their ball better and land a beautiful shot.
  • Difficulty – Grass has different levels to control the areas of the field. You can read more about Golf Course terms here and know more about Greens, Teeing Area, and Hazards.

Golf scoring terms

“Did he just score?” These are the terms that you should know about if you plan to bet on the next Golf tournament.

  • Albatross – Is the God of scoring when it comes to Gold. These are three shots or less than a Par.
  • Eagle – Two shots or less per hole.
  • Birdie – One shot less than the designated Par.
  • Bogey – One shot more than the average.
  • Double Bogey – Two shots or more.
  • Triple Bogey – Three shots or more (If your favorite player keeps on getting this, better switch favorites)