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Figure skating is a real classic at the Olympic Games. Championships in this aesthetic sport were held as early as 1908 as part of the Olympic Games. At that time there were no independent Winter Games at all. Since the first Winter Olympics (1924 in Chamonix / France) figure skating has officially been part of the programme. Ice dance was only added in 1976.

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Figure skating is a certain form of ice skating that is characterized by the execution of certain figures, jumps and pirouettes. A certain repertoire of standard jumps is prescribed, most of which are named after their inventors (e.g. Lutz, Rittberger, Salchow, Axel). As single disciplines ladies, men, couple skaters and ice dancers show an original program (short freestyle) as well as a freestyle.

Pair Skating and Ice Dance: The Differences

The difference between pair running and ice dancing is that the pair runners are allowed to perform jumps and lifting figures at head height. Ice dancers, on the other hand, are only allowed to lift figures up to hip height, but not to jump at all. Their performances are more based on standard dancing or ballet and concentrate more on the artistic aspect.

Sheet music up to 6.0

After the compulsory programme was abolished a few years ago, which involved the most exact possible tracing of certain figures on the ice, the athletes now only receive marks of up to 6.0 from nine judges in the short freestyle and freestyle. The A mark is awarded for the sporting content and the B mark for the artistic value of the performance. However, these marks are only aids. The places on which the jury places the runners are decisive. This results in a place number. The winner is the one who finishes first at least five times. In the event of a tie, the freestyle will decide.

Freestyle counts double

Every runner has the possibility to present himself to the audience and the judges with two choreographies according to self-chosen music during a competition. The original programme, which must contain eight prescribed elements, lasts a maximum of 2:40 minutes. There is more room for artistic development during the freestyle. Not only is it twice as long, it also counts twice.

Ice skates already 4,000 years old

The history of figure skating goes back to the invention of skates a few thousand years ago. Already 4,000 years ago people moved on the ice with the help of skates made of bone. These were later replaced by wooden and then by iron runners. The first ice skating clubs already existed in the middle of the 18th century.

Ice-skating star Katarina Witt

One of the most popular figure skaters of all times is Katharina Witt, who now only participates in professional ice shows. In her active time she triumphed as an athlete of the GDR in 1984 in Sarajevo and 1988 in Calgary with the individual victory in the women’s category. Here you can visit her homepage.