Bitcoin Betting on E-Sports

eSports has really gotten huge since the Dota 2 scene blew up people’s minds way back in 2011 with that $1,000.000 champion win by Navi. After that, people turned their heads to eSports and knew that it was something big, something worth investing at and of course, something worth betting at! Today eSports betting using Bitcoin has been made easier due to the number of websites that accept bets of this nature. Since the genre itself makes a lot of money through endorsements and sponsorships, why not get into it as well?

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But eSports is a culture. You have a lot of games from first-person shooter games, Real-Time Strategy games, Battle Arena games, and a lot more! Knowing which type of games you need to focus your time at would be time-saving and would, of course, help you in the long run to narrow your betting angle.

eSports Games


Here are the most popular games that are being played and betted upon today.

  • Dota 2 – The arguably most popular eSport game today. Due to the number of people that are following this MOBA and investors pouring in money like crazy, it is impossible not to notice this game. To get the latest updates on the Dota 2 scene, it is important to know where to look at. Check this link out to get the latest of Dota 2.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Is a first shooter game that is also huge in the eSports scene. From players across the globe competing in a series of international events every year, it is something that an eSports better like you should not miss! A blog about the most recent CS: GO wins can be read here.
  • League of Legends – LoL or League of Legends has recently gained a lot of attention as an “alternative” to its older brother Dota 2. Compared to Dota 2, League of Legends can be easily learned and played compared to the complex Dota 2 skill system. With lots of investors coming in, it would not a long time until they would reach “Dota 2” status in the eSports world.

eSports Betting

Before you bet on eSports you need to put one thing in mind, these are not children, eSports are professional gamers that make millions of dollars per year, now beat that! With that being said, treat them with respect and seriousness when it comes to looking into their profiles. Do not ever underestimate these players as they really do make some serious money. And in order for you to ride on that, you need to know them better for you to have higher chances of winning. These are the factors that you need to put into play.

  • Team – The three games mentioned above are played professionally as team sports. This means that you need to know which team roster is best at what they do. I know this sounds easy, but it would take you hundreds of hours in front of your computer to get to know which teams are performing great this season. Remember that there are a lot of events happening every year. This means you need eyes everywhere.
  • Leagues – eSports have different Leagues. You need to look into these leagues and know which team is great in the genre they are playing at. Please also remember that large teams are organizations with multiple games being fielded at. This means that it would be harder for you to know which is which if you do not have any idea on the team you are betting against.