Bitcoin Betting on Darts

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Darts is a very popular bar game that is probably played in most pubs across the world. The nature of the game doesn’t require a lot of moving parts of the body, making it easier for pub owners to add this feature. All you need is a solid wall to hang your dart board at and an ample amount of space wherein your shooter can aim and throw the darts then you’re good to go! The game is commonly played in the UK and Ireland and parts of Europe, the United States and of course the rest of the world. The game is pretty addicting and is a perfect throwing sport to pick up.

Did you know that darts were used in ancient war skirmishes? The practice of this war skill became the modern sport that we all know today.

Since Darts is a really popular pub game, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that a game of Darts cannot involve wagers. It is often really easy to get into a wager match in any Pub in the world today that has a Dart board in it. This is the reason why Darts, has and always be a sport to bet on. This is why it doesn’t come to question if you see people today betting Bitcoins on the latest Dart game being played. Of course, it is always better to bet on official games that are being governed by an official body to prevent any game manipulations and proper regulation is imposed. The World Darts Federation or WDF is the official governing body of the sport.

Darts Basic Rules

Of course, it would be great to know basic rules of the game in order for you to understand the game that you are betting on. The game of Darts can be played in different variations and those variations have different rules. You can read more through this link.

The standard height from the floor to the Bull’s Eye on the board is Five (5) feet and three (3) inches. The distance from the front of the board to the toe line should measure Seven (7) feet and 9.25 inches.

Bitcoin Betting with Darts

Now that you know a thing or two about Darts, it is time to know the factors of the game that would be of use to your advantage. Since Darts is an in-game sport, the weather would not be an obstacle or a factor to a game. Since it is obviously a skill sport, player statistics would really matter when it comes to choosing the right people to bet at. Darts may not be as flashy as the NBA or NFL, but if it attracts bettors then it isn’t a bad sport to look at. Get the latest updates from the World Darts Federation through this event calendar.

Websites that accept Bitcoin bets on Darts

The best way to test the waters on betting Darts is to try it out! Below are websites that accept Bitcoin bets on the latest Dart game that is happening all over the world. It would also be best to get a website where you can watch that certain event that you are betting on. A good live game and Bitcoin betting with a cold beer is just perfect.