Bitcoin Betting on Cycling

Finding the right sport for you is not necessarily easy: often too expensive, too strenuous, too time-consuming. But the fact that it is sometimes not so difficult to get into competitive sports is proven by the bicycle. Cycling is a healthy sport that is easy on the wallet and always provides an intensive human-nature experience. We want to show you what you have to consider in order to make the perfect start into cycling with a racing bike.

The right road bike

First the perfect road bike has to be found. The fact that you don’t always have to dig deep into your wallet to achieve good quality is proven by focus-bikes’ bikes. Even under 1000 Euro you will find a good racing bike. The triple chainrings with a wide range of transmission ratios are particularly suitable for beginners, as they enable cyclists to master steep mountains with minimum effort. The right equipment for you on the road bike!

The cycling shorts

Due to the long bent sitting position, unpleasant pressure points quickly develop on the abdomen of ordinary trousers. The cycling shorts prevent this and at the same time help to keep the lumbar area warm and protected. Since they are always equipped with seat cushions, they also prevent strong friction between man and bike.

Jersey and wind vest

When buying your jersey, make sure it is made of quick-drying and breathable functional material. Cycling on a racing bike takes place almost exclusively outdoors and therefore requires the perfect clothing for wind and weather. Also important: Always have a wind vest with you, even in warm weather. Imagine you’re cycling sweating up the mountain and the cool wind blows around your sweaty ears when you’re descending. Even if you don’t notice it, you’re exposing yourself to a high risk of catching a cold.

Additional equipment

In order to be well prepared, we recommend you racing bike gloves and goggles. The gloves cushion the impact in the event of a fall and keep you warm if your fingers have to hold the headwind firmly around the handlebars. In addition, they prevent strong vibrations if the wheels sometimes have some unsteady ground under the tires. The goggles protect your eyes from dust and buzzing insects and reduce the risk of being hit by dazzling light. Last but not least: Don’t forget your helmet!

Bet on Cycling with Bitcoin

Before you start out into nature on your new racing bike for the first time, have your family doctor check you out completely. Tell him that you want to start with competitive cycling. If everything is in order, create a personal training plan. It’s a good idea to make your time very precise and not let any excuses apply. Don’t start with the hardest courses and increase your time bit by bit. Very important: Don’t rush into anything! If you accelerate too much right from the start and completely lose your energy, you will most likely lose your motivation and desire to continue. Remember that cycling is an endurance sport.

Only two hours after you’ve had your last heavy meal should you get on your bike. Then don’t ride too fast and first get used to the sitting position and posture. 30 minutes of effective riding is enough for the first tour. By the way, you can collect even faster bonuses with bike bonuses on your racing bike. What other motivation do you need? Get on the bike and join in!