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Full moustache-bearers push can-shaped stones over the ice, suddenly gesticulate wildly and suddenly start to scrub hard. Curling is also a book with seven seals for many sports enthusiasts. explains the sport to you.

Every four years at the Olympics, curling becomes a topic of media interest. We explain the rules to you:

The goal of the game: two teams of four players compete against each other in curling. Each player plays two stones and tries to play his stone in the circularly marked target zone (house) as close as possible to the center (button/dolly) or to clear the opponent’s stones out of the way – similar to boules. The goal of the game is to have more stones placed near the center than the opponent. Points are awarded for this. The team with the most points after eight rounds wins.

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The most important elements: This is how curling works.

The team

A team consists of four players as well as usually a reservist. Each of the four curlers plays two stones alternately with the opponent in a fixed order. The beginning makes the Leads of each team, which play in each of the eight runs (Ends) the first two stones. Then follows the second, the third or vice skip and the skip, the captain of the team. A total of eight times eight pieces are played in a whole game.

The stone

The playing device looks like a teapot and weighs up to 20 kilograms. International competition stones are made of granite, weigh 18.16 kilos and have a diameter of 280 millimetres. A set consisting of eight stones costs about 5000 euros. In order for the stone to glide optimally, its underside is hollowed and has to be stored cold one day before the competition.

The broom

It’s true that the brooms have earned curling its reputation as a housewife sport. However, no team would do without it; the device with the plastic bristles is as much a part of curling as the poles are for skiing. In principle, every player who is not playing a stone has the option of wiping. The command for wiping is given by the skip, which also does the finishing touches in the house area. Wiping heats up the ice, creating a film of ice on the surface and changing the direction and speed of the skip.

By the way: The fact that the ice is not only heated, but also cleaned is not a prejudice, but actually so.

The ice

The playing surface must be absolutely flat, because the smallest turn that the curlers give the stone on its way can be decisive. The curlers say so: The ice must be “pebbled”. National coach Oliver Axnick told “On a normal ice rink I couldn’t even explain how curling works”. There are only five real curling halls in Germany.

The playing field

Also called Sheet, it is 44.5 metres long and 4.75 metres wide.