Bitcoin Betting on Cricket


Cricket is the most popular sport in India and Pakistan and aside from their territory wars and dispute; this is probably one of the things that they do not agree upon. Cricket was first played in the 15th century, southeast England and is still a huge sport in the UK until today. The game is a bat and ball game, just like Baseball, some people also claim that Baseball originated from Cricket but of course, Baseball fans would disagree to that. Each team is made out of eleven players per side on a cricket field. And each time will try and get to the “wickets” or sticks that are placed on each team’s side. The rules of the game are pretty complicated than just hitting the sticks on the opposite side of the field, so if you want to read more on the rules of the game, click on this link.

The game of cricket has been played for a very long time now and the history and the countries involved in making it a part of their culture. Read more about the awesome history of cricket.

Bitcoin Betting with Cricket


When it comes to betting your hard earned Bitcoin, it would be important to know and how to earn through betting. Gambling is different from betting, gambling is blind chance and betting involves critical thinking and of course, data to support your predictions. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind when you want to bet your Bitcoin for a game of Cricket.

  • Weather – Cricket is an outdoor game, weather takes a huge role when it comes to teams winning a Cricket match. Do you think the game will stop if there’s a huge rain? No, it wouldn’t, players still need to finish the match even heavy rains pour down the field.
  • Team – Cricket is a team sport, which means that you need to take into consideration the team stats that would play a significant role in winning a game. Depending on the region of the Cricket game you are betting on, you wouldn’t have a hard time getting statistical data from your favorite team through the internet. Always remember that information is an advantage that can be used and exploited, use it well.

Always put in mind that even if you do not play the game physically but you know how the game works and what the rules of the game are, you would not have a hard time winning bets by it. Honestly, a lot of people today win bets not because they are good with that game, but they are good in betting on that game. Be a great researcher and an excellent better you will become.

Websites that accept Bitcoin betting for Cricket games

Are you ready to put to the test the data that you have gathered to predict the outcome of a Cricket match? Let’s put that to the test. Here are the websites below that accept Bitcoin betting for your next big Cricket match.

Good luck on your bets!