Bitcoin Betting on American Football

American football is the most popular sport in the USA and the Super Bowl is its annual highlight. But what is football about? We explain the rules of the game.

Bet on American Football with Bitcoin

In the USA, the Super Bowl of the National Football League (NFL) is without question the most important sporting event of the year. In Germany, the NFL final will also be broadcast live on ProSieben. But while American TV is discussing tactical moves and player changes, the majority of German viewers are still quite inexperienced when it comes to American football.

When the players of the opposing teams crash against each other, seemingly run wildly in confusion and pause a moment later to build up for the next attack, then for many it looks more like chaos than sophisticated game tactics. We explain what American football is all about and how the game is structured.

Goal of the game

American football is all about gaining space on the pitch. Two teams, each with eleven players, compete against each other and try to get possession of the ball. The team in possession of the ball tries to penetrate as far as possible into the opposing space in order to reach the end zone of the playing field. The players are stopped by the players of the opposing team, e.g. by tactical tackles and blocks.

Points are awarded for gaining space on the playing field and, of course, for reaching the end zone. Four quarters of 15 minutes net playing time are played. The team with the higher score at the end of the fourth quarter wins the game.

The pitch

American football is played on a 120 yards long and 53.3 yards wide pitch (approx. 110 meters x 48.5 meters). The playing field is divided into 12 fields of 10 yards length each – they are the active playing field. At each end of the playing field there is an end zone of 10 yards, at the end of which the goal is located: The goal consists of a crossbar at a height of about 3 meters and two vertical bars that are more than 9 meters high.

The yard lines are each marked in 5-yard increments, starting from the goal line at the end zone to the 50 yards line in the middle of the field. The first 20 yards before the goal line are called the “red zone” because there is a high probability that a player will bring the ball into the end zone.

How do you score?

There are two ways to score in American football: The ball must either be carried over the opponent’s goal line into the end zone, or it must be safely caught there. There are six points for such a touchdown. After a touchdown, the attacking team can either try to shoot the ball from the 15-yard line into the opponent’s goal (point after touchdown, one point) or throw it over the goal line again from the 3-yard line or carry it (two-point conversion, two points). If this does not succeed, the team then has the opportunity to score another three points with a field goal.

Offense vs. Defense – how American football works in practice

Every football game is played in a series of moves. One team is the offense (attacker), which tries to get the ball behind the opponent’s goal line, and the other team is the defense (defender), which tries to prevent this. The offense has four attempts each to win ten yards on the pitch. If it succeeds, it has another four attempts. If it fails, the opposing team receives the ball and plays the offense.

The ball may either be carried or thrown on the pitch. In a running move, a player is thrown the ball and tries to penetrate as far as possible into the opposing field. In a passing move, the ball is thrown forward and the players run to the predetermined position to catch it there. They are massively obstructed by the players of the defense. There is a wealth of tactical moves and game variations that make American football very complex – and incredibly exciting, as the live broadcast of the Super Bowl on 4 February 2018 on ProSieben will once again prove.